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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Drill Sergeant, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Well I went and got a Bowtech "TOMKAT". This is day three of trying to pull the thing. I was able to get 12 pulls before starting to get tired vs. the previous 3 pulls the first day. This is 15 yards @ 58# pull. This is a 70# bow, but I figure within the week I can start cranking it back up.

    One question, we've got the draw set a 29". I'll give it a week, but I'm noticing that I'm right at the edge of the hump when holding. If I give a quarter inch it will want to start kicking over. Is this the right spot I want to be at?

  2. red44

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    You want to stay at the "wall", don't let it creep forward. If it feels to long to keep it at the wall, get a shorter module or cam. (I'm not familiar with which cam system is on your bow)

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    Has your draw length been measured?
  4. Don't be to eager to start cranking up the draw weight. A good rule of thrumb (at least that's what I was told and it worked for me) is 2.5 lbs every TWO WEEKS. And that's with shooting 40-50 arrows per day for the entire 2 weeks.

    Last thing you want to do is blow out your shoulder!
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    I've never shot a Tomcat. Looks like a nice bow, though. I would suspect that the draw length may be set too long for you. I would have someone check or recheck the draw length at a Bowtech dealer, if possable. Maybe ask to have the bow set up and tuned to fit you. If you haven't figured out a consistant anchor point, yet, you may wan't to get some lessons. It's not uncommon to change shooting habbits and need tuning adjustment made as we figure what works for and what doesn't. Hope you have fun, I do.
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    If you can only pull it back 12 times before you get tired, you aren't doing yourself any favors when practicing. let up on the weight some to a weight you can shoot severl time a day without getting tired. Pull weight isn't what kills a deer it's broadhead placement.
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    Now that you have shot your bow some and have got a feel for it. Things will start to show up for you. Pulling a bow back at the pro shop will do little. Getting the bow home and shooting will bring out the fine tuning points for you. The Tomkat has cam modules that can be changed. It sounds like you have the speed modules now. They make a smooth module for that bow will ease up on the draw curve some. If you are shooting a relaese, your DL will seem long and you may need to shorten it up some.

    Take your bow back to the shop and talk with the man that knows his bows. Tell him what you are feeling. That bow has a draw stop that can change the let off some. DO NOT ADJUST THIS YOURSELF!!!!!! That thing is super sensitive. 1/16" to much and the bow will lock when you draw it back. Let your pro shop do that. Too long of a draw length will make it tireing to shot much. It will also make 58 lbs feel like 70 lbs. See if your pro shop can set your draw weight down just a bit.

    Good luck and good shootin.:peace: