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    Out at the archery range today, just shooting the target butts. And what should myself and a mate see, but a nice rabbit to go running past.
    Thinking we had had enough on the butts today we took off after the rabbit. The rabbit stopped just on the other side of the other fence behind the archery range, this being private land we where a bit hesitant on jumping it and getting the archery range into trouble.
    After a brief argument we decided to jump the fence and find the burrow. We ended up finding the burrow, and stopped to have a look around.
    We then come across a lamb that was seperated from the pack, laying on the ground and not moving as we got closer. On closer inspection we found that the lamb had being attacked by what looked like the marks of a wild dog or something similar. It looked like and sounded like it had a crushed wind pipe, and bite marks on shoulders and legs.
    Stuck in a situation on what we should do, whether we should put the lamb out of its misery, and possibly get the archery range and ourselves in trouble for being there. Or find someway to find the owner and notify them.
    After yet another brief argument, we decided to call the local VET thinking they would know how to get hold of, or what to do in regards with the lamb.
    To my suprise the VET knew the owner personally knew the owner of the land. We went out to his place (only 5 mins from site) and told them, the owner wasnt there but he was notified.. We where thanked and went on our merry way back to the range.
    While shooting the butts right up on the fence line facing his property, he came driving down in a 4x4.
    Thinking we where going to get a screaming, we approached the fence cautiously and started talking.. Much to my suprise the guy was brilliant about it.. As a matter of fact, he has know given us full permission to hunt and camp on his land any time we would like.
    Just to make the deal even better, he was telling us he has seen boar and deer there frequently...!!!!!

    :D :D :D
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    Well when your out hunting this property you tresspassed on you'd better be nice to the next guy that sneaks onto there if you run into them......................

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    so crime does pay?