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    I'm thinking about buying a deer cam so i can see whats going on by my stand, see what there. I was wondering if there is a paticular one brand thats better than others ? Is it a big difference film or digital ? I;m looking for a decent camera that will do the job and take clear shots and has good range. Is video option a good thing or not needed?
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    First of all :welcome: :welcome: I dont so much think the video option is needed but it is a personal option.
    I bought a wild view camera from wal-mart and it works grate. the only thing i would want on a cam is the IR option. In the past i have had deer spooked by the flash but once again this is a personal option.
    I dont think you will find very many 35mm cams on the market these days.
    Good cams are as listed.
    Wild view xtreme IR , 3.0 megapixels, 24 IR emitters, 30 ft. flash range $99.00
    this is the one i use.
    reconyx makes many high end cams from $350.00 to $550.00 they are the top of the line but cant see myself spending this much.

    leaf river
    stealth cam
    All make good cams you will just have to look around a make a choice on which cam is in your price range and which one has the options that best suit your needs. All these are grate cams, so look around and good luck.
    Hope i helped a little.


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    I've got a leaf river ir 5 I'm lookin 2 trade
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    Moultrie IR D55 is a great cam cost 129.99 at gandr mnt. what ever you do dont buy a wild game nations cam junk bought 2 and one did not woork at all the other took 16 times walking in front of to get one pic. Bushnell bone collector white out pics at night and mornings.