deer hunted forever, owned a bow... never... I need some help

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    Hey guys, I'm Jeff and i can't wait to start swapping kill stories with you, but first i gotta get my bow set up. I just bought a naked 2004 Hoyt Supertech from a buddy and i'm chompin' at the bit to get this thing set up and start shooting. I don't know much about arrows, a little about broadheads, and i know i don't have any problem shooting accurately with a properly set up bow. Any suggestions would be helpful....keep in mind, i'm on a moderate budget, but like everyone i want the best product for my money. Here's my list of what i think i want and some things i have no idea which direction to go.

    1) thinking carbon arrows under $100/dozen - suggestions?
    2) G-5 Tekan II broadheads 125gr
    3) a 3-pin fixed sight under $100
    4) whisker bisquit quick shot rest
    5) primos .44 caliper release
    6) limbsaver express stabalizer, string leeches, and limbsavers
    7) bohring lynx quiver & leverlok
    8) loop or knock?
    9) the draw weight on the bow is set to 63lbs, which i'm plenty comfortable with

    When i take it to the shop to get set up are there any particular things i need to ask or tell them? I know this is long, but if you made it this far i appreciate your time and help.

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  2. jmarshall517

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    Also, i'll be almost exclusively hunting with this bow, with the occasional 3d shoot for fun and to stay sharp.

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    First and foremost, :welcome: :welcome: Bow hunting is an addictive sport, so be prepared to dedicate a lot of time, but it is fun!

    Now to try to answer as much of your question as I can.

    1. Arrows. Almost any of the hunting arrows made are good quality and will work well for you. Remember, you want to stay above 5 grains per inch of total arrow weight (for your set up 315 grains of arrow weight). That includes broadhead/field point, insert, nock and fletchings. Kinetic Energy is speed times mass. Ususally the only difference between the high dollar arrows and lower dollar arrows is the straightness. I don't know about anyone else, but I know I cant shoot the difference between .003 and .001. I shoot Gold Tip XT hunters, but I have used Red Head arrows for hunting and thought they worked well, especially for less than $50.

    2. I prefer a 100 gr. broadhead, but it is really your choice. It will affect the spine of your arrow, but 125 gr. may work well for you. G5 makes a good broadhead, but honestly I like a fixed blade head. This is TOTALLY personal preference and you will get as many different opinions as there are broadheads.

    3. Cobra makes some good sights for less than $100.

    4. Very good hunting rest. Easy to set up and use. Just keep an eye on the bristles as they do wear out.

    5. Never used a Primos release. Just find one that you are comfortable with and practice with it. Once you have one you like, buy a second as a back up incase you loose or forget the first one.

    6. Stab's and vibration reduction stuff is good as it helps quiet the bow. Stabs also help balance the bow for a more steady shot, longer usually equates to more stable, but it's a trade off when your hunting. If it's too long you wont be able to move around very well.

    Bohning makes a good quiver, but I wouldn't leave it on the bow if I was stand hunting, take it off and attach it to the tree or your stand. I would say to get a string loop.

    When you bring your bow in, ask lots of questions and try to be there when it's set up so you can watch and learn, and they can get the peep set to you and make sure the draw length is correct. Have them tune the bow too and make sure to check the string to make sure it's in good condition.

    Hope this answers some of your questions, and feel free to ask any more that you may have!:peace:
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    There's plenty of personal preference in all of this. I'm going to assume deer is the game you're after. On the sight I'd look at several and decide for yourself. Liked the Toxonics when I did that, I have the Micro Adjust which is kind of a nice feature. Spot Hoggs are real popular but that would put you over budget. I'd suggest using 100gr points unless you're going after something bigger than deer; no need to carry the extra weight on your arrow. I'd go with a D loop - no wear on your string from the release. Arrows - you'll get plenty of different opinions here too, it comes down to how heavy an arrow do you want? Some like something light 5-6gr per pound of draw weight for speed and flat shooting. Some prefer something closer to 7gr per pound for hunting. If you're going to shoot a deer at 25yds - don't know it matters too much. With a WB rest I'd get them fletched with Blazers - definitely what I've had hold up the best.
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    I would look at Sword sights. they dont sell a 3 pin set-up, but you could buy a 4 or 5 pin and remove the extra.

    I'm not familiar with the Primos 44 cal release so it might be a good one, but I would recommend not skimping on the release. you want one that's adjustable for trigger weight and travel. I shoot a t-handle, but if I were shopping for wrist strap releases, I would take a hard look at the Carters.

    definately go with a d-loop, and I personally like the Kwikee quivers better than the Bohnings at that price point.
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    trophy ridge 6 shooter quiver and arrows easton axis st 400 or 340 :rockon:
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    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

    The only thing I would change is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.Shoot 100 grain heads. Theres no advantage to shooting 125's unless its a spine issue IMO.

    2.Tie on some cat whiskers insted of or in addtion to the string leaches.

    Good Shooting and welcome
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    I like beaman ICS arrows, QAD dropaway rests under 50 bucks, and for the money a truglo 3 pin sight with light. also under 50 bucks. go see a good proshop and look at different products. :peace: