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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Holy Smokes, Dec 15, 2006.

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    Hey do any of ya'll got a good jerky reciep,as am ready to make my Christmas Jerky. I will be doing a whole deer. No Bowman I will not be including the lips ,tail or any such things . Just Shoulders and hams. Thanks Fellars. HS :biggrin1:
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    i like to use red wine as a base, add a dash of garlic powder,salt and pepper. be generous with soy and worsteshure suace and add some liquid smoke to you liking. i like to add about 2 table spoons of BBQ sauce to mine, put oven to 200 degrees and cook for 2 hours with the oven cracked open about 2 inches, sorry i couldnt be more specific but i dont measure, i use the "a dash of this and that" method:amen:

    its quite a good recipe in my opinion, made it up myself!:peace:

  3. Ronhop

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    I like to use Morton's Tender Quick as a cure along with Soy Sauce, Worchestshire Sauce, garlic, black pepper, a little brown mustard and a dash of hot sauce. I'm like diamond-vic, I don't measure much but I do measure the Tender Quick since that has Sodium Nitrite and you don't want too much of that in the meat. Just enough to cure it. The package has the measurements on it. I don't use liquid smoke since I smoke my jerkey in my smoker instead of drying in the the oven. Works fine either way though...

    Oh, and the Red Wine diamond-voc talks about sounds really good. Thanks for that, I'm going to try some of that in my next batch ! I also think red wine has sodium nitrite in it (which is why some people cannot drink red wine), so you could eliminate the Tender Quick...

    Good luck, hope it turns out good and have a Happy Holiday !

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