Diamond Justice feedback & comments

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Faksu, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Faksu

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    Hi =)

    First of all im new to bow shooting/hunting and i just ordered my first bow.
    Its the Diamond Justice and it comes as rdy2hunt packet.

    So any feedback & comments on that bow?
    It will be used as practice and later when i can hit something as hunting bow.

    I have shot around 70 times on my friends Diamond black ice and well uh it was awesome, all the arrows hitted target from 30 meters :lol:

    Also is there any good quide/site where i could find tips for bow shooting technique ?
  2. Robinhooder3

    Robinhooder3 arrow splitting expert

    :welcome: hello I'm new here also and have a diamond. They are very good hunting bows that are very well rounded. They are accurate, quiet, forgiving and pack a good bit of speed for a single cam. BE WARNED THOUGH. I've had mine for 11 months, no misuse in fact I baby it too much, and it already has a hairline fracture on the upper limb. Bowtech limbs are a little bit weaker than other companys. Luckly though Bowtech offers a life time warrenty on all their bows to the original owner. So keep an eye on the limbs and it's a very good bow.