did Bush Lie?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Wheely, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I'm always up for a fun political discussion...

    1. NO he did not lie, YES we know that Saddam has "WMD". How are we so sure of this? easy... WE GAVE THE WEAPONS TO HIM! During the Iran / Iraq war we fully backed Iraq (and iran actually) and supplied them with lots of stuff, including chemical weapons and biological weapons. We are 100% sure Iraq possessed these weapons. Russia also pitched in lots of fun stuff as well.

    2. The "lie" part that everyone is upset about is two fold. The first being that Iraq was a massive state sponsor of terrorism. Truth is every country over there is, Israel included. The difference is we knew we could take Iraq out, they have lots of oil, and we already had planted the evidence on them, so we went in and destroyed em. The "insurgents" are, for the most part, NOT terrorists, they are their countries version of freedom fighters fighting a foreign occupation. Terrorists (Al network losers) are flocking to Iraq now and there are more terrorists there now then ever before.

    The second part is that the leaders in Congress (both sides of the bench) have admitted that they were told that Iraq posed a direct and immediate threat to the United States due to UAV programs that were on the verge of feasability as attack craft, long range air strike capability, and advanced naval technology as well as extensive terrorist org links. The truth is they had none of this, the UAV program was admitted to be decades off and would not pose a threat to the US or Europe (Israel... well they fend for themselves anyway). The Long range air strikes were bogus, and the terror links turned out to be fairly weak and controlled more by minor people in the religous orgs as opposed to the gov't.

    All the "facts" were overstated and overblown to encourage an immediate strike on Iraq.

    3. The VP is a war profiteer with extensive ties to companies such as Haliburton (sp), which is responsible for providing supplies to our soldiers at insanely high prices, our Pres is an oil guy... playing in the oil capital of the world and getting massive oil prices due to their involvement over there.

    If we wanted to seek out terrorist networks and kill them we would have hit Egypt, Somalia, North Korea (who has nukes btw), Iran (who has chem weapons), Pakistan (who has nukes), Chechna (sp?, who has nukes supposedly), Columbia, Panama,... the list goes on and on. Iraq is nowhere near the top of the list for terrorists, they aren't a "world player" in the money realm, they are nowhere near the top in military since the last war, and they don't even show up as a dot on the map of the "threats".

    The truth is We went into Iraq to raise money, fight for oil, and get another "America jr" over there that we can play with. Just like Israel and South Korea. We like owning areas of the world. Israel is becoming to independent, Who cares about Africa, and we need a new project state in the butt crack of the world... Iraq fit the bill.

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    truth in all 3
    i would not vote for him agian he ahs sold us out as a nation with the Real ID act and other national issues that wiil take away our sorventy
    2 Aleauge with mexico and cnada
    no borders
    all to bring us in line with a one world aganda governrment of the which he wants his share of power just like tha Clintons

    very few of these congress folks do I have faith in
    they are in power and want ta keep tha power
    have you ever wondered why we do not have term limits on our congress
    go fish:tape:
  4. I feel little Bush thought he was going to be like his Daddy and have a 30 day war under his belt. I think he wanted to be known for something other then being the little P. Bush in office. Well, sadly he got his wish but it wasn't like he wanted.

    The bad thing now is that I don't feel that making a fast pull out of Iraq would be a good thing for the U.S., if we did that it would make us a bigger target for other terrorist. President Bush got us into a spot that now we can't just back out of with a quick withdrawal. JMO

    God bless the :usa: