Different sight or lighter arrows?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by TomT, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. TomT

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    First time poster, but long time archer.
    My wife and I recently purchased two compound bows and equipment. Been shooting these about 4 months.
    Years ago we used to shoot stick bows, but decided to upgrade and join the rest of the world.
    I have a Matthews Ovation 60lb (set at 58), My wife has a Hoyt RazorTech 30lb (set at 28).
    We both have Extreme Sniper sights, Bodoodle rests, and use Cobra ProCaliper releases.
    I shoot XX75 2216's (feathers) and my wife, Jazz 1816's (feathers).
    We have set up a range out to 50 yards, but want to shoot out to 70.
    The question: The sight I have now doesn't have the room to allow pins for 60 to 70 yards because of the arrow drop. My wife's can only get to 40 yards. Should we go with lighter arrows or purchase new target-type sights which we'll have to move at different ranges? Our local dealer is only concerned with hunters, and is not very helpful with target shooters.
    We plan to set up our own walking field/3D course on our property.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. sullivt

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    I would switch to the carbon arrows. They will last twice as long and will shoot flatter. If only shooting 3d then I would recommend the Carbon Express CXL's Selects. You can find them on the internet for $106/doz I have tried the Easton Fatboys... they shoot a great group but drop off very quickly.

    For hunting I like a little bit heavier arrow and use the Bemon ICS Hunters.

  3. glenny

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    regarding sight or arrows

    I use a ovation w/70lb. limbs,and have a sureloc lite supreme,w/a extreme 3d scope housing on it.
    I can shoot 100 yards then my housing gets too close to the arrow.With hunting sights You can only get so much out of them usually around 70 yards.Does depend on the arrow.
    The only way to get your ovation theoretically to shoot 80 yards for a feild course is to go with a different sight.
    I shoot acc's w/100 gr pushins,with duravanes,they weigh 377 grains total.
    It's my preference to shoot a thinner diameter shaft with some weight on them for longer distances,they poke decent even in the wind.
    You could go with a lighter shaft,but the spine is sometimes just to stiff for the arrows,especially to fly right at 58 lbs.Archers Advantage says what arrows have the proper spine,what arrows are you shooting now?
    I was thinking about going with CBE sights,They seem pretty durable.
  4. LadyRobinHood

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    If you had the money, you could go with both changes. Carbon Express 3-D Select 200 or 300 for you. Carbon Express CX 100 for your wife. ( I'm not sure if the 3-D Select comes in 100 or not. If they do, go with those) As for a sight, HTM has a long range sight that gives you and extra inch of vertical drive which will help you to get your distances in. They are very durable and they give great service as well. They are made in New Albany, PA. Here is their web address: www.htmbowsights.com.
    Also, move your sights in closer to your riser if you can and that will give you more room for longer distances as well.
    Good Luck and hope this helps. I only shot 25lbs. when I first started and these are things that helped me with longer distances.
    Robin :)