Does anyone have info on my "NEW" bow?

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  1. Hey everyone!!! Great site! I've been looking through several archery forums and this one seemed the best to post my question(s). I just bought a compound bow last week for $25.00. It's old but it looks almost new. Condition is probably 9 out of 10 with only a few minor dings. The person I purchased it from had only used it a few times right after he bought it then it was stored in a closet until now. Anyway, just curios about a little history on it and what accesories you think might work well with it. Like what role did it fill in the companies lineup? Was it high end,low end or somewhere in the middle? What year(s) was it produced? Are these arrows right for the bow? Has anyone else ever shot one and if so how did it shoot? What did you have for accesories? Anyone have a Bear Flare I? Or maybe a Bear Products catalog with it listed? Also is there a way I can adjust draw length or will I need to go to a bow shop? I'm about 6' or 6' 1'' and believe I need between 28 1/2-29 1/2inches of draw length according to charts on other sites. Any info would be apreciated. I saw someone said it was there first bow on another thread! He said he bowfishes for carp with it now and it had something called "Power Limbs"?? Sorry about so many questions. But I'm super excited about starting to shoot with it!

    Here's my setup and what it came with.
    Bear Flare II (I asume this is Fred Bear Archery?)
    70# draw weight
    31in. draw lengh
    38in. string length
    Spartan Realtree products 1986(The date of the bow or camo patern?)

    4 Easton Superlite XX75 2514 Camo Hunter 32in.
    Tiger Tuff sping loaded rest
    Cobra sight pins
    6 arrow Kwikee Kwiver
    Peep sight
    New string

    Thanks again!! I'll be back soon.
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    You might try the History section of the Archery Talk forum. There are a lot of archers there who have been around a while. They may be able to help you.

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    The Bear Flare is a mid 80's model in the Bear line-up. It has the "Muscle Limb" design on it and was one of the high end bows for Bear at the time. If it has the original steel cables and anchors you might want to change them out to new ones for safetly sake(if you plan on shooting it). The performance will not be like todays high end bows but you got a piece of history. Post up some pictures of your bow and congrats on your find! I have an original Bear Whitetail that has four wheels on it.
  4. Hmm... not sure if it has the original cables or not. They seem fine but is there any way to tell. this is the first compound I've ever owned. Maybe I'll just ask a bow shop to look at the cables to be safe. Thanks for the info:thumb:glad to know it's at least decent bow. And she's got lots of character. I'll also try that history section.
    You do any bowhunting in Guam?
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  5. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I figure out how:frusty:
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    I was going to buy a Bear Flare during that time but my income at that time told me to humble myself and I got a Martin compound bow kit ($100). There is decent bowhunting on Guam mainly Wild Boar (no limit year round) and a subspecies of Sambar Deer (liberal limits). But the deer are very tricky to hunt do to the fact that they are constantly harrassed by poachers and a 7 month regular deer season. But we are close to Australia and a fair airline ticket will get us to some other bowhunting destinations:rockon:
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    I have a Bear Flare II ,

    I just bought a Bear Flare 2 from a guy for $30 bucks.It feels like aluminum center handle and fiberglass ends.It's a little heavy which is good for steadying.It seems to be in good shape.The guy I bought it from had it looked at by Bass Pro Shop.They said it's good.He bought it at a pawn shop.I have no idea what year it was made,but it does say Spartan Realtree Products Inc.1986 on the logo.Realtree copyright date or bow year?
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    I once owned one of these priceless Bear Flare,a 1986 model but it was just a Flare and was all green.I thought that those large limbs would last forever,just kept buying new steel cables ( three sets), after two years of shooting it alot,it made a loud cracking noise. The top limb looked like someone with a fine saw was cutting between the bottom of that V ,where the cam is.

    It was a short lived bow as it lasted about two years of shooting.I would not buy another at any price as newer bows are too much better regardless of brand then those old Bear bows were ,at least to shoot or hunt with.

    This bow did help me earn my nickname by my peers in the archery nation,as it wasn't a highly piece of technology by todays standards or back in 96 or 97 when I didn't even bowfish then but some called me that name at the 3d shoots,lucky me!:peace: