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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by mark pickett, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. mark pickett

    mark pickett New Member

    can anyone tell me how to get started setting up my db matrix 360 blind? i dont think i got all the directions with my blind. i have emailed the company but thought i might find some help in this forum. thanks
  2. lungcutter

    lungcutter Senior Member

    Congrats on a great blind.

    1) Lay blind on ground and unroll it.
    2) Grab the 2 outside rods and pull them up / towards you.
    3) Grab the fabric between these 2 rods and with the other hand push the center hub (it will have a dot on it) open till it pops into place.
    4)Pull the top over your head and push the remaining 4 sides open.

    New blinds are tight, it will loosen up with use. Double Bull also has videos online as to how to set up the blind.

    Good luck and enjoy your Matrix.:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

  3. IN Bowhunter

    IN Bowhunter In search of the big rack

    Go to this link:
    and at the bottom under instructional clips click on the "Setting up your Matrix" video link, it shows you how in detail. Good luck!
  4. Tenspot

    Tenspot New Member

    Watch the DVD, the instructions are in there.

    Or just send me the blind and I will study the issue for a few years:biggrin1: