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    when I was fitted for my bow a few years ago, I think he measured me at 26", I have been reading a book and used its method of finding draw length and I came up with 25.5". Could this 1/2 inch make a big difference in my shooting?
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    Yes a 1/2" can make a difference in your shooting especially if it it 1/2" too long. Get remeasured and you may want to get the bow adj and see how it works out for you.:peace:


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    1/2 inch too long will make a big difference.....however I believe all bows are a little different and one set at 25.5 and one set at 26 may feel the same to you.....

    for instance I used to sell hoyt and when the vortec came out....we ordered a 27 a 28 and a 29 inch......I still to this day could not tell you the difference between that 27 and 28 inch draws w/out looking at the sticker....they both anchored and shot perfectly for me......I have always felt there were eisier drawing bows on the market than a hoyt....even from those days.....we used to sell 10 PSE to 1 hoyt just because of the draw cycle....

    I will say this if they worked on there draw cycle and draw force curve and changed it up a little bit I would look a little more at hoyt....that and if there was a dealer around here....:biggrin1: