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    I was shooting yesterday and wanted to make my draw weight heavier. So my friend has the tools and did is it ok if the limbs arent exactly the same??
  2. I would think that they should be the same or as close as they can get to it. I always bottom my limbs out and then back them out the same amount:noidea: . One of our FBSA bow techs should be on here soon and will be able to give you the correct answer and meathod:peace: .

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    your limbs are always going to equalize the force across them, if your limbs are not set correctly with your riser, then your nock travel will not always be perpendicular to your riser. check your tiller (measurement from the string to your limb pocket.) on both ends of your bow. They should be the same. If not bottom both limb bolts out and check again. them back both of them off equally to the desired weight. Caution, do not back bolts off more than the manufacturer recommends. This info should be in your owners manual, or let us know what kind of bow you got and we will help you find it.....:wave:

    Anybody got anything to add.
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    You need them to both be the same. If not your till will be off. It not only changes the stress on the limbs but will also be harder to keep your pin on the target. If your top till is tighter it will make you want to rise on your sight picture while at full draw. And just the opposite if your lower limb is stronger. If you're ever aiming in and your sight picture has the tendency to raise or lower at full draw, Check your till. Just a 1/16 of a turn can make a differance.
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    Yep.....I agree keep them even. Take caution when loosening the bolts not to go too far.:wave:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    to start tuning, yes..........

    for a complete tune including tiller tuning your bow, maybe NOT:noidea: