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    I posted a thread a little while ago about a new bow I just got, well the draw weight is a little much for me, and it's turned down all the way, it's set at 55 right now, and the pk weight is 70. When I got it I pulled it back one time, and then I couldn't hardly do it again. I was told I will get used to it, I was wondering what some things are that I can do to help, like what exercises or something, if you have anything, please let me know.
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    Well sorry to hear your having troubles with the new bow. I would suggest any exercises which strengthen the large muscles in your upper back and shoulders would help. Some people think your arms do the drawing but actually you should be using the upper back muscles mostly the arms do play a role but main power should come from your back. I hope this helps out and hope you can begin to draw your bow easier in the near future but take it slow and do not injure yourself or you will get disgusted and give up on archery all together. And then you will be missing out on a wonderful activity and pasttime. Take it slow and increase your strength and technique of drawing. GOOD LUCK my new friend.:wave:

    Also fill out your personal info in your profile. Let us know where you live, your age, occupation, family, hobbies we like to know a little about our family here on 3DSHOOTS forum.
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    How long have you had the bow? It's quite obvious that whoever sold you the bow does not have your best interest at heart. Assuming you're about full grown and are having some trouble with 55# right now there are no exercises you can do that will enable you to get up to 70#. Nor is there any reason for you to do so.

    You should have been advized to get a 60# bow and be able to back it down to what you can draw comfortably---comfortably being the key word here. You should not have to struggle the least bit to draw a bow. If you do then you'll never learn to shoot well.

    Depending on the shop and some other things, I would advise taking the bow back and getting a 60# bow or swapping out for 60# limbs. There is nothing you can hunt in North America that 60# won't kill so don't bust your guts trying to draw more.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    peak weightis 70lbs and you have it set at 55lbs....is that even safe.......