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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by charliedog, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. charliedog

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    HEY guys I need advice, been shooting for two years geting better all the time, love the sport , I use the same bow for 3d that I Use for hunting.I have a wisker biscut, great for hunting but im wondering if a drop away rest might help me with 3d. Your thought would be welcome! Thanks!:usa:
  2. dbdcougar

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    If you're a top end shooter looking for a little extra it could help you. If you're an average hunter class shooter it's not going to make that much of a difference. :noidea: Consistent form, follow through, yardage estimation skills etc. ( ie. all the tough things to overcome :frusty: ) are going to mean much more at that point.

  3. red44

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    I could go either way on the WB. Negatives to me are the noise on the draw (which is there but debatable weather it effects anything). Raisng heck with your vanes if your not using a certain couple of brands. And they can be not the easiest rest to deal with when it comes to tuning. Positives, it would be number 1 for me if I stalked. It does'nt move, nothing to fall off, does the same thing evey time.
    Drop aways, to me are easier to get quiet on the draw, although they do make some noise on the shot. Again, debatable on effect on game. But the 3 best things about them, you can fletch any pattern and orientation. And you can read what your arrow is doing clearer coming off the bow. So fine tuning is easier (IMO). And of course no fletch contact what-so-ever.
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    I love the WB but switched to a Ripcord and love it too. So I am a fan of them both. For now I will use my Ripcord but I may change back to the WB.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    NO YOUR NOT........I wont allow it.....:lol:

  6. He has to listen to you, we all know that you know what your talking about:lalala: :pound:
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    I use a quick tune 360 by NAP,,,no contact with the fletching and the stability of the bisket. Ive grown to like it. It has some crude adjustments but once you get center shot down its good to go. The bow is much more accurate than I am.
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    Honestly, i love my new QAD drop away but couldn't tell you if it helped me any b/c i'm also shooting it on a new bow also.

    Now Mrs. Pilot is a different story, I switched her out to a QAD a couple of weeks ago and her groups have improved and her confidence is up.
  9. Ronhop

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    A WB is a real confidence builder in my opinion in that you just don't have to worry about arrows coming off the rest and it's very easy to tune. Yeah, they do make noise under certain conditions and they can tear up vanes but they are proven and a ton of archers use them.

  10. Mathews Man

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    I use a Trophy Taker fall away, But I must ask why are you looking to change? is the WB affecting your shot, or are you seeing them around so much you think this would be a good idea for you also? Are you looking to change to taller vane like the Blazers?