Dropping out of the bottom?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by glenny, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. glenny

    glenny Guest

    I have been considerably noticing that I have been shooting 1/2 of my shots low lately.
    I also have had some issues on yardage that come up even 2-5 short.
    The combination between the two are klling my scores.
    Has anyone had any problems relating to such things.
    I guess I might just take any advice on this to help so I can shoot consistently,instead of having the shorties.
  2. Jefro

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    dropping shots

    if you take 3 Viagra before you shoot, you should be fine. :eek:
    Wait, that stuff makes you go blind. :confused: Well at least you won't be shooting out the bottom anymore. :D Just kiddin
    Give me a call.

  3. glenny

    glenny Guest

    I know where to get it now if I ever need some.

    I guess you think you are being funny again,well...
    Not a soul can reply to my delema without cracking jokes?
    I think you better tell cindy your remedys.
    No,I wll call her and tell her myself.
    Thanks Jeffro.
    I think I will just shoot it out of my system I guess.
  4. Secretspot

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    I think you should go back to shooting the target bag at close range, make sure you are shooting strong and not creeping. Sounds to me like you have got a little lazy in your form and are creeping and dropping your bow arm.
  5. CraigBurks

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    How is your bow balanced

    How is your bow balanced? Might have to much forward weight, I had problems droping out until I moved all of my weight to the center of my bow. I hang the bow inline with the grip and the bow balances and plumb bobs perfectly. Made a huge difference in my shooting.

    Also make sure your not cheating your follow through, conenctrate on the target until you find your conclusion in your shot sequence. You might be trying to peak to watch your arrow.