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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by watt spurlock, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. watt spurlock

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    Just wanted to share this photo with everyone. Shot this button buck at 12 yds, dropped right in its tracks, it made a noise like Ive never heard. Then out of the corner of my eye across the fence, I noticed this coyote respond to the yell. Knocked another arrow, and within 1 minute this coyote was standing 5 feet from the deer, and I was at full draw, the rest is history. I will have some more fun and embarrassing stories of my hunts in the future. Would like to read some others.
  2. Slippy

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    Wish our deer season was in in April.

  3. J.Blay

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    What a great hunt. Bagging a coyote with a bow seems like a bigger challenge than a mature buck, to me. I won't be posting any stories from this year untill fall, when whitetail season opens here. I had a coyote come in last year to the edge of the kill zone from my tree stand. I was going to plug him, but he trotted away without giving up a good shot. Paranoid critters, are't they?
  4. trussoni

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    five were killed on the farm where i live over the winter months. they are thick as thieves here. i have actually seen them walk late at night withing 10 yards of our front door.
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    I just couldn't help but notice the Vanilla Ice lyrics in your signature line :doh:

    We have lots of yotes on our place, but we haven't shot one in several years...they are sneaky critters!