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    I am so frustrated :mad:
    I started getting emails that my account was being shut down. So, I made sure my fees were paid and even contacted them to make sure all was good. They said it was. I still got the emails, but figured it was all ok since they told me it was.
    Today, I tried to get on and I am locked out.
    So I contact them via Live Support and they say my account was locked cuz someone was using it to sell a Harley Davidson and a car (Tauring?).:frusty:

    They have been trying to send me a new password for over an hour and I haven't recieved a dang email from them:doh:

    Does anyone else ever have this trouble with ebay??
    Is there something I can do for better security?

    I have sold a few quivers off Ebay, so I would rather not just shut it down.
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  2. The first emails you were getting were probably scams, if you foward them to ebays spoof email they will check it and let you know if it is real, I had the same thing happen to me. The best way to tell if it is for real is that it will have your account name or real name and not just Dear ebay member. I had some one get into my account and ebay shut it down and after a couple of days I was back in there. I just had to create a new pass word and that was it, when you go to ebay there should be a help section that will walk you through it. Good luck

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    I never clicked on the links...I always went straight to my account through ebay.com.

    Nobody could get an email to come through...the solution is to just create a new account :doh:
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    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    ha wheely

    First off ,,hi i havent seen ya in a while.
    i havent had any problems on e-bay..or pay-pal
    thats kinda strange....i pay and recieve money only thru pay-pal and know one knows my pass words.
    i dont use e-bay for any money transaction source.
    Hope this helps
    and just wanted to say your aveator....thats a good lookin gal ya got a pic of:laugh:
    take care
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    Those are spoof e-mails. Ebay or paypal never sends links on there e-mails. I have got a lot of them and always forwarded them to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@paypal.com. They have now stopped. If you use one of those links from the email and fill out any info you are giving it to someone to use against you not ebay. I know someone that lost their account because they did this. They can not open a new account now. Be careful what you do.
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    i was on ebay once and i clicked on something that i wanted to look at and the screen to sign in came up. i thought i was already signed in so i did it agian and tryed to click on the item and the sign in screen came up agian. thats when i realized it was a way that someone was useing to get ebay passwords. i quickly changed my password and thankfully i didnt have any problems.