Effective Shooting Distance (Elk Hunt)

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    Hi Guys,

    Here it is. I finally drew my archery elk tag in Arizona and I am excited! But I have a questions regarding the effective distance for my bow setup and if it is not enough what adjustments should I make.

    I have a Mathews Drenalin. Right now I am at 65#. I have a 27 inch draw length. Right now for deer, I shoot 400 beman arrows (4 inch vanes) 8.4 GPI. I normally shoot 100 grain broadheads but I am open to change this as well.

    My outfitter told me that he recommends that I practice out to 60 yards with my bow and that I need to be prepared for that shot just in case. Now I have been shooting all summer (and now mostly those 50 - 60 yard shots). At this point, Under good wind conditions I am very confident at this distance as far as my accuracy goes. But I don't know enough about momentum to know what kind of impact my arrow will have at 60 yards on an elk. I realize my arrow weight is probably light.. But I just don't know how much I should bump that up.

    My question is: Will this set up be enough to effectivley harvest an elk at that range without having to chase it for 10 miles? and if not then what can I do to be effective at that distance if needed?

    Thanks Jason
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  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Welcome to the forum Jason.:welcome:

    I am not an elk hunter but I would say if you are accurate with that setup it should do just fine. Indians were killin those critters with a stick and string long ago. Just keep practicing and have fun on your hunt.

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    IMO if you are satisfied with your accuracy potential and confident tthen I would not change a thing. True, a little heavier head or arrow would give you more momentum, but not so much as to possibly create problems with your mental game.
  4. Where's Bruce?

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    No prob

    You're ready. Just take out both lungs and wait for that shot because once elk start running they don't stop until they're in the next county. Good luck!
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    shot placement gets critical even on a critter that big at 50-60 yards.
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    Need more info really..
    .a 60 yard shot on your 1st elk,can be extremely tricky..if it takes one step,its a ruined shot.how have you been practicing? I strongly recomend you practice that shot in the gear youl be wearing while in the field,and practice on different terrain both up and downhill,as you will more than likely encounter these shooting situations in the field..ive taken elk out to 65 yards before,and its pucker factor everytime..i shoot daily and at 70 yrds have 4" group,but when its a giant bull its a whole different story...your adrenaline will rush,your breathing will be harder to control,after trekking the mtn. Side,youll prolly be exerted,so nithing will be the same in the field as the range.as far as energy,id think youd be ok,but if was me and i was anticipating a 60 yrd on an elk,id crank my bow to close as max poundage as i could comfortably draw and hold,and shoot atleast a high 400 grn arrow..
  7. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Whats your real name????? 4" group at 70yards WOWZERS
  8. Gator eye

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    4" at 70


    Do your groups open up in the rain.:doh:
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    If I were you, I'd be looking for a heavier arrow, 60 yds downrange , your speed has dropped off, and you'll need all the penatration you can get. Not to mention that elk have tough hides and a lot of muscle to penatrate before you get to the vitals. You might try an arrow in the 9.7 gpi range with 125 gr heads, you have the power to shoot 'em. Just that small change gets you another 60 grn to deliver on target. Well worth it. just for the increased penatration. And hey, if you elk shows up closer, even better! :biggrin1:
    Personally, although I've got 3 blinds around this area, none of the shots are more than 30 yds, and I want as heavy an arrow as possible to drive through this guy.

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