Entire prime centroid fully loaded top of line new acessories!!!

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    Entire prime centroid fully loaded top of line new acessories!!!

    My name is jason. I am a bilateral amputee above knee both legs. I was seriously hurt and there are many reasons i have to let this go. None of which i like or want to. I have to focus on walking in 4 million dollar military bionic microprocessor knees that will give me my life back. I waited 8 years of hard work to get here and im just not gonna be around for the bow hence what i have to offer is surely one of a kind beauty.
    I have a prime centroid. Right hand 28.5 cams 60- 70 pound right hand . I believe this is 2013 model all black bow is good to excellent condition. Every accessory is brand new, never used, top of the line and all great products for target already and a quick change over can be hunting fast. I cant use the bow as i love the centroid. Think its one of the best they ever made , but i just am to busy with training to walk in bionic legs. I am an award winning architect and engineer. International! I keep all me equipment mint and up to par as well just bout fully super tuned. I havent got a solid price yet but i will list everything and we can talk. Its a cash purchase. No returns or refunds unless there is some unbelievable difference in what i sell you to what you get which is impossible. I just want to give some one a work of art and one of a kind bow with full setup. Everything must be sold together! No splitting up pieces . Its a fully ready to go highly engineered and custom system that maybe just needs some fine tuning on the sights.

    Heres a list of the equipment followed by pictures. I can get up close shots after we talk and this seems to be going somewhere. No problem. Ive sold unique bowtech insanity n here b4 for close to 2000 dollars and it was worth every dollar. My equipment is all top of the line or i dont use it period. Its a shame i gotta let this go. So here it is . Feel free if you serious to ask for requests like close ups ect.... 516 765 6619. No trades! At all. I dont even wanna sell it! Here we go!

    1. Bow-prime centroid black 2013 pcx 28.5 cams (brand new) 60 -70 pound right hand. Condition of bow is good to great. No large gouges or scratches anywhere. Few minor knicks on limbspockets.. And i mean minor!

    2. 40 arrows or less shot. Essentially brand new red and black pro line bcy -x strings and cables. No frays!

    3 cooper john ants revolution 2 sight. All black with all extras on sight great condition
    a.- lrp brand new lighting system installed with j pin. Blue fiber optic already installed and perfectly mounted and run for full movement of scope and sight. Works beautiful!
    B.- excellent no scratches , or smears 6 power verde feather vision lens with moisture and anti glare protection. Bert made me a great lens. Also in a maxxis sight housing great condition. It is maxxis smallest sight housing forget exact size? And clarifier is in string to match lens.

    4. Doinker a bar stabilizer setup with removable 4 oz polished weights. Comes with polished 4 or 6 oz weights. Front bar is 13 inches, with the offset bracket is doinker, side bar is 10 to 11 inches all mint condition polished as well, no scratches, polished ends and thin carbon fiber rods all around. Awesome a- bar setup

    5. -drop away is one of the best and most accurate ever made. Its out the box not a mark on it just tuned . Its an all black apache quick tune 3000 micro adjust with a special blade for shooting arrows off a prime. Extremely well engineered. Extremely precise and i have yet to see a shoot through drop away as good as this. Its brand new!

    6 wrist wrap is a double cobra red ,grey and white. Look at pics matches everything . Its thick and all para cord custom designed.

    7 these pieces im about to tell you about are one of a kind the handles are carbon fiber shaved and sanded down to the smoothness as a babies butt and instead if wood besides the incredible look they were near impossible to get and wait for and give one hell of a nice grip instead of the wood prime gives . I also will be supplying the extra wood if you'd like ? These are beautiful! See pics! All carbon fiber handles to match black bow and carbon fiber doinker stabs.

    all in all this is obviously all top of the line. All custom. Some one of a kind pieces. Everything new if not mint. You can expect to pay shipping at your choice. Pricing will start easily around 1300.oo for everything and all the extra components i can give you everything is mint as stated or new out box. All equipment has been engineered and put together as almost a national or Olympic champ would. I hold one of top 3 out door 90 meter place holders outdoors in ny, so i dont play around with my equipment. I know what im buying and what is a great engineered and designed component. The only slightly roughed up part of bow is the front of limb pockets and after close up pics you'll probably think im crazy?lol this is a once in lifetime grab. God bless whoever gets my baby.. Hope you take good care of her. Centroid was one of primes best bows ever. The specs made it a great easy to shoot, fast , very accurate bow on the verge of target and hunting. Multi tasker. Please!,, serious inquires only.... No trades. Nothing but a clean sale and shes still under warranty. good luck . Im not moving on price. I will be fair though and take first offer i will not pin buyers against each other.
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