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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Tim Hansen, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Hey everybody, I know that the bottom line when shooting is the person behind the bow, but how much is the equiptment? I just got a new setup and it is night and day better than my old bows that I had been given. I had learned to shoot well enough for hunting and could get pretty good scores on fun 3d shoots, but this new bow is the thing. How much difference is a dozen fatboys with blazers going to make,different release/etc... Here is my setup for hunting
    Hoyt vipertech 65# 29.5"
    Gold tip pro hunters with 100gr field pts
    Judge hunter release
    fuse 10" stabilizer

    I would like to take my shooting to another level any suggestions?
  2. srcarlso

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    Next Level

    It sounds like you have a good bow and associated equipement. At this point, you could do spend time tuning your bow (walkback, creep) along with paper tuning. Perfecting form is also crucial to consistent shooting. Trust the equipment you have and work on getting everything working together. I would recommend getting with a reputable pro shop and have them give you some pointers on grip, stance, alignment, release, etc. Start with form then work on tuning.

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    New and improved...

    If your talking 5 or 10 years old vs today...a world of difference it can make.

    Depends if your going for speed to help with your error's in yardage judgment, or your already great at judging yardage and want better line cutting?

    Depending on which you want, your form is the next big step.