Erie IBO National shoot in 8" of mud???

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussions' started by bow-regard, Jun 17, 2004.

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    I hear at the Erie IBO some of the shooters had to drudge through 8 inches of mud and stand in the water at the stakes to shoot. Many fell in this mud during the shoot.

    Since this is a national shouldn't one expect to have a decent course to shoot? Don't give me the it's "hunting" like shooting. I don't sit in 8" mud when hunting.

    Some of the clubs up here will put a bunch of mulch on the trails to keep the mud down. These are just local shoots. I would think a national would have better grounds or better preparation.

    One person said they had Lacrosse boots on and the water was over the top of them at the stake.

    For a National event and the cost of entry fees, one should expect better. I feel sorry for anyone that went to their first National shoot there.
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    I agree with those that were upset. There is nothing more frustrating than having those types of conditions to shoot in. On the IBO's defense, did they set the course in these conditions? They may have set it and had a lot of rain after the fact. If they had the rain we had in Illinois, then I understand. I am by no means taking sides, since I was not there. I really hate that a lot of people had to indure this. I hope they will fix this for future shoots.

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    Hopefully you won't drop your bow.
    sounds like you need snowshoes to get around.
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    Erie has been this way for the past "2" years. Sure would like to see "something" different