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    I started a thread on here once of excuses with numbers to save time. just call out which number is appropriate and keep on shooting. I was wondering if it could be brought back and see if we could come up with a few more. I need all I can get
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    I found the thread and updated the complete list for you
    so here it is...:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    1- Dropped bow arm
    2- punched release
    3- insect repellent makes me see double
    4- Oops I forgot, that arrow always shoots high
    5- Drop away rest stuck again, caused a low shot
    6- Tree branch came out of nowhere
    7- Jumped the string
    8- Hit my coat sleeve
    9- Expandable broad head deflected off because it was a quartering shot
    10- My arrows are cheep
    11- I blinked
    12- My bow sucks
    13- sun got in my eyes
    14- too windy
    15- hit my hand climber
    16- boot squeaked
    17- thought it was 25 and it was 33 yds
    18- she was right under me fort to bend at the waist
    19- The broadhead bounced off, must'a hit the shoulder
    20- strand broke in string
    21- serving to loose
    22- serving to tight
    23- string streched
    24- this group I'm shooting with bugs me
    25- I have on the wrong glasses
    26- I forget my glasses
    27- I just plain out suck
    28- if I had a sponser I could shoot better
    29- I dont have time to pratice
    30- I'm to stessed out at work
    31- Just trying to scare that little one away
    32- Decided to pass that buck up at the last possible second, must of hit my release as I let my bow up
    33- release set to fast
    34- release set to slow
    35- this release sucks
    36- gnat got in eye
    37- bug on glasses
    38- bug in ear
    39- I gotta gat a hooded peep
    40- four rednecks,should'nt have drink that 6 pack
    41- My cell phone rang
    42- the arrow nock musta been cracked
    43- the point was loose
    44- I couldn't find my regular release, this is my backup and its alittle different
    45- pro shop tuned bow wrong,I know it's not me
    46- should have bought the other brand of bow.
    47- peep creeped, musta hooked it on sumpin'
    48- ...you hear that?
    49- I dropped my cigarette on my hand
    50- I'm not used to shooting with a jacket on...
    51- My bowstring musta streched
    52- This is my brother's bow I just borrowed it while mines in the shop
    53- Damb Bowman and his god damb pink bow any way.....that thing is distracting.....
    54- what the heck was that explosion???? Oh it was just a bowte......
    55- The glare off that guys head was blinding me
    56- oh you wanted me to kill that one????
    57- I am a lover not a killer....
    58- I was just educating the wildlife.....now can I have a teachers salary??
    59- What???That is what I was aiming at...
    60- The way the targets standing it's impossible to hit the score rings at this angle...
    61- was that you?
    62 - my pins are too bright/ dark - depending on the light
    63- Ohhh nooo ! It's happenening again!
    64- cap is to tight,make me dizzy.
    65- contact lens in upside down?
    66- opthigeal-optimacoma ( Eye doctor's optical ... word) as in, "I have temporary opthigeal - optimacoma."
    67- range finder not working
    68- range finder set for metrs not yards.........
    69- still mad at the wife for nagging at me about shooting to much!!!
    70- someone must have messed with my bow!!!!
    71- I over-compensated the guy at the pro shop
    72. Missed on purpose, felt bad for my shooting partner who already had 5 misses and used
    excuses number 4, 10, 22, 23, and 55.
    73- I'm tired, wife feeling frisky last night
    74- I'm tired, girlfriend feeling frisky last night
    75- I'm stressed, wife found out about girlfriend
    76- I'm overjoyed, found wife and girlfriend in bed together
    77- the heater is blowwing my arrows to the left / right..
    78- I always pull to the left when I anticipate the shot - hit X when surprised
    79- had a tooth pulled change anchor point
    80- checking out the chick at the pool
    81- snake fell out of tree.
    82- my peep turned
    83- target was in a dark hole
    84- sight pin bent
    85- That was a huge buck!!!!

    86- only had the new bow less than 24 hours.....
    87- dang arrow lube, makes my arrows fly to fast. shoots hi.
    88-with these new shoes I cant get my form right.
    89-for redneck shooters .I shouldnt have wore shoes today.

    90-should have took my medication this morning. watch me,you might have to hold me down.
    91-I think I took my medication twice this morning. how many targets is out there.

    92- Mosquito was buzzing my ear.
    93- I ate too many donuts before the shoot.
    94- I can't stop laughing some fool is making out with a bear.
    95- I have a headache(wait only the girls can use that one).
    96- Forgot to remove my propod.

    97- I think the trees are against me (cause that branch was'nt there before the shot).
    98- I think one of the splinters I got from riding the pine is infected
    99- My head is too cold to shoot
    100- That target was setup for right handed shooters only!

    101- you mean that wasnt a bull on that tree???
    102- My arrow was bent
    103- These dang blazers don't fly like my feathers did
    104- Smokes cursed my arrows
    105- I'm winning by so much that I figured I'd throw that one to give you guys a chance to catch up
    106- The field points don't fly like my broadheads do
    107- The forest is haunted
    108- Whose dog just attacked me and tried to steal my arrows?
    109- Sorry I was thinking about my trip to Kmart
    110- I bought my bow from Walmart

    111- This dang drop away rest..........hey Ed you seen my WB??
    112- I forgot to take off my sunglasses.
    113- But I'm shooting with my non-dominant eye.
    114- Sorry but I really need a bowel movement.
    115- Oh crap I forgot to take my wristwatch off.

    116- I'm still waiting on my 3dshoots.com hat that Chris is getting me.
    117- Had ta keep an eye on D he'd tipped tha bottle to much
    118- Boy I sure have put on a lot of wieght
    119- Man my eyes ain't what they use ta be
    120- My buddy's estimation was way off
    121- knew better than ta trust him
    122- those boy's sure were short steppin
    123- Is my range finder broke
    124- D was makin fun of ma axcent agen.

    125- wife/girl friend mad at me, think she sabotaged bow.
    126- earths magnetic flux is pulling my arrows to the right.
    127- stars not aligned right,should have stayed home
    128- cant shoot today I forgot my lucky charm.

    129- these new teeth changed my anchor point. (older guys only)
    130- you cant fish in a full moon why would you think you can 3d
    131- My other personality would have pinwheeled that target
    132- My scope lite battery died
    133- One for the arrow gods

    134- Damn Mechanical Broadheads!
    135- Gotta switch back to Feathers.
    136- Gotta switch back to Vanes.
    137- Gotta switch back to Aluminum Arrows.
    138- Gotta switch back to Wooden Arrows.
    139- Maybe I shoulda stuck with Carbon Arrows.
    140- I think I need a New Bow.
    141- eyes watering,wish my buddy had used deodorant
    142- eyes watering, allergic to buddies after shave lotion



    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    143- I blacked out and fell on the floor.....:noidea:
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    144 birds sing,lost my concertion
  5. longcut36

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    145 wind blew hair in my eyes
    146 UFO flew over. cause target to move.
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    147. I was in my stand just outside the nudist camp and we had a warm day in November.
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    you got room for one more stand
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    Not that pretty I have to tell you.
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    they have two legs dont they
  10. TEN RING


    Fly landed on the tip of my arrow shot low
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    Suppose your right.
    149 Felt a draft when I stood up.
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    150 bump head on tree limb when I stood up