F/S: Bear "Shadow" Compound Bow

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    F/S:Compound Bow for $100!!!

    Hello, my name is Patrick, Im selling my Bear "Shadow" compound bow because I am going to college and have no where to hunt. It is a great bow, and its camoflauged. I recently just paid a hunting store to put "wisker's" on it to dampen the vibration of the string. Its been used hunting only 3 times, and its only been through about 50 arrows from me shooting it in my backyard. I have an almost brand new TRUGLO fiber-optic site on it, a balancer on the front, and new peep site. The weight is at I believe 55-60 lbs.. It has a draw back of I believe 27-28 inches and comes with a arm guard and a wrist trigger release which are camoflauged. I am selling it for 100 or OBO. Please send me an offer and we can work it out. I wish i could keep it, but I have no other choice but to sell it. I only ship to inside the U.S.

    email - [email protected]

    aim - fatpat16152
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