Favorite Back Tension Release?

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    Hey All,

    Well, I spent literally every second of this weekend shooting, probably 12 hours of actual shooting, then a few hours of thinking about it and form practice...here are my results:

    1) I started off using the wrist release like always. I start the pin about 1ft. above the target and then let gravity begin go bring it down near the target. I have it in line with the target so I don't have to worry about left and right at all...just height of the shot. When it falls into the bullseye...I basically punch the trigger and I get a bullseye (on a 5-spot..."X-ring") about 50% of the time. The other 50% I get it in the 5 point ring, but not the X ring.

    2) After warming up doing that, I switched to using Bunnyman's Evolution + BT release. Here is what happened: I spent some time tuning it in so that it went off when I applied a fair amount of pressure, then I began shooting with it. I would pull back, anchor, release my thumb from the safety, and then I would drop the pin into the X-ring. I then would begin pull and pushing both directions in a slow building motion...and....SOMETIMES it would go off, othertimes I would have to apply 100LBS (it would feel like) to go off. When it did go off with a fair amount of pressure...I actually was pretty darn good. I would hit the DEAD CENTER of the X ring. BUT! 70% of the time, I would actually pull and push with ALL OF MY MIGHT...and the thing wouldn't go off. It was as if the poundage needed to have it release was changing each shot. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy. When it worked, it showed promise, but sometimes I couldn't even get it to go off until I pulled and pushed so hard, I didn't even care where it hit, I just wanted it to go off.

    So, I'm back to the drawing board...I'm not sold on the EVO + being the BT for me. I think a true back tension might be the right solution, because I can see promise in the concept of a BT when it worked and went off, but the poundage piece is too irratic, and I just don't think it works all the time.

    So, my question to you all is...if you are a target shooter...what type of BT is your favorite? Please tell me the name of the release, and why it is your favorite. I'm using this 100% for spots. Thanks in advance!
  2. Chris

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    One afternoon of shooting with the EVO is going to get you nowhere. Sorry, this release takes dedication and commitment. Normally if you are having difficulty getting it to go off consistantly, it is the shooter. Minor changes in your form will make it nearly impossible to get it to fire. Front bow shoulder position is critical. It must be down, locked and solid.

    I typically tell people, it will take them weeks to months to learn to shoot it properly and with consistancy. If your not willing to accept that your scores are going to drop, stay with a triggered release.

    We usually lose people wanting to learn back tension because they can't stand their scores dropping.

    Learning back tension is a lot of work and you have to dedicate yourself to it.

  3. MagnifiedFur

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    Give this a try...

    Instead of punching your finger release,,put your finger on it and pull your shoulder blades together,,it will go off dont worry...You have a finger release with a rope on it or straight arm and caliper?

    Punching leads to Panic = not good bro...

    Also try to start on the X of the target and relax ,, let the sights float around it in a circle while your slowly pulling your shoulders....Dont ask me how it work,because i cant tell you,all I know is it works for me,somehow the arrow hits the center of the target when im floating around it,when i try to hold a steady pin ,I cannot hit chit...

    Good Luck and dont wear yourself out...Take your time,breath, and no more finger punching...
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    Here's a picture of the weekend warrior trying to figure it all out.

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  6. rodney482

    rodney482 I love this stuff

    The Evo plus is a great learning tool.

    but like Chris said it takes time.

    I finally figured out target panic and crushed it with confidence.
  7. MagnifiedFur

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    Looks like you crushed a pretty nice Deer in that photo,,Nice!!!
  8. hoytultratec

    hoytultratec aka SETTHEHOOK

    learning to propely shoot the evo takes a few months if your lucky, i have been at it for around 4 months and still get times where i cant get it to go off you need to let down and start over...im not 100% sold yet either when it goes off right (like nice and smooth) the arrow hits the mark...but i will tell you this...my target panic is gone with my hunting release im shooting better then ever and if i continue to have minimal problems with the evo i will continue to shoot it because it cured my target panic.:D

  9. timbowny

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    Time time time. I am also new to backtension. I have the evo + I was able to pick it up in about 2 weeks which is pretty fast. One day is not enough. i sucked the 1st day. I am no expert but i can tell you what worked for me. I find that the key is to do everything the same EVERY time. I had the same problem with it feeling like it took 100lbs. to go off. When that happens it's because you are doing something wrong. Something wrong with your form. I find it helps to keep your elbow up kinda high or at least what feels high. Try to keep with it, don't go back to a strap. Accept that you will shoot like crap for a few weeks (maybe longer) and then it will come to you and you will be better than ever.
    P.S. from what i hear the carter EVO+ is easy to learn and one of the best B.T. you can get.
    good luck

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Joe, I too felt like you do when I first tried the EVO+.....

    ITS NOT THE RELEASE, it works right if you do your part.....

    your going to have to FORCE yourself, to shoot it every day for month......

    also dont get crazy......stand close, take 10-20 shots, put it away.....

    do the same thing the next day.......keep doing this and it will come to you....

    ITS SEPT 1st

    work at it till OCT 1st.....

  11. QSA

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    Yes the Evo will make you keep good form. Get just a little sloppy and it is like pulling a semi up hill lol. It is all in the form and it will go off so EZ