feathers 4 or 5" ?

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    What is the pro's and cons of 3, 4 or 5" arrows for general target and hunting?
    Especially with these faster bows would it be wiser to stay with straight fletch or spherical??
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    Feathers stabilize an arrow quicker but also produce more drag which slows the arrow down quicker. You will notice a significant drop in the impact point of your arrow at further distances.

    You see feathers used more often at indoor target venues. At 20 yards you want your arrow to stabilize quickly and speed is unimportant.

    As far as length goes, the bigger the feather, the slower your arrow will be. IBO Hunter class requires 4" or longer.

    Fletching helical increases the rpm of the arrow and stabilizes the arrow flight the fastest. It also produces the most drag and slows the arrow the most.

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    Yeah, what he said.:peace:
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    I use 4" feathers for 3D now, this year.
    The difference: there lighter,they strighten the shot quicker.
    I just did a test thru the crono at 40 yards and my 2in blazers lost more speed at the target than the 4' feathers.
    I thought that feathers would create more drag but im now thinking, total arrow weight slow's an arrow down faster than what is actually on the arrow:noidea:

    This is a new one to me but i tested and re-tested and kept getting the same result:noidea:

    To your question, you need to try for yourself, vanes, 3,4,5inch feathers
    and see what you come up with.:noidea: