Feathers "VS" Vaines?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by jasonc, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. jasonc

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    I am looking for some advice about the use of feathers for their stability, weight, etc. or the vaine for its tough, and quite flight. what about helical , or straight flecth. I am useing helical right now but it seems to be fighting the broad flight more than a blazer 2 inch. Also, can a blazer be glued helical or are they designed to be straight only? Getting perfect broad flight is what I want each time, just went to the rage 2 from a G5 Montec.
  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Feathers are great until they get wet. I love my Blazers they can get a little offset but not much due to there short length. They stabalize my broadheads much better than my 4" vanes did. :peace:

  3. sugarray

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    I used to shoot only feathers because I could loose some piece and were still quiet and flew great. I have had vanes for last 1.5 seasons and seem to have more wobbly flight with my FP, but not on every arrow. I am currently looking at the Gateway Razr 2" feather vs 2" blazer or duravane.
    Even wet, mine always flew true.
  4. red44

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    I use both feathers and Blazers. Blazers can be put on with a helical clamp, in fact I find it better than a straight clamp. The amount of offset, regaurdless of the lenth of fletching, is limited by how flat the base lays on the shaft. Offset as much as you want as long as you keep the base flat on the shaft, front and back.
  5. J.Blay

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    I use 2" Blazers. When I set up my Bitzenburger jig, I matched the offset to the 3" vanes my CX 300 Carbon Express shafts had. I"ve had no reason to change it. I use that offset for everything I fletch, including my buddie's 4" feathers.