Fiber Optic Peep Sight (FOP) series

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    Fop Sight Company invites all to look, and browse our newly done website and look at the new series FOP fiber optic peep version introduced last July at Missouri's BRS event in Lacede Missouri Pershing State Park. Enjoy photo's thanks to MOBUCKS,

    See what an A/T member has to say about the FOP Series Peeps. Contact our Dealer Jim at further assistance.
    I saw these peeps on another sight a month or so ago and inquired on some forums about ordering. Jim from selectarchery immeditely got in contact with me. Not only did the gentleman promote the product well, he had some business in my town the next weekend and personally dropped 2 off. I tried the green centershot for about a week and a half before my idiot brother in law blew up my bow. My groups at forty yards went from 8-12 inches to 2-3 inches in the first half hour of shooting.
    It is hard to describe how the image looks through the peep but there is a tiny hole in the middle that is incredibly clear and the sight window is the largest that I have ever seen in a peep. Seriously, there are only a few drawbacks to a peep, poor sight window and the inability to truly center the sight pin, this centershot solves both of these problems
    In conclusion, for my money this is one of the most innovative things to hit the market in quite some time. And the guy selling them is top-notch in my book as well. Jim Rumps from selectarchery, I thank you and look forward to showing you some trophy pictures this fall. :rockon:

    Dave Strathman/Manager
    Fop Sight Company, LLC