Finally got to shoot the new arrows today, MORE

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    after having them cut. I got to shoot them at my shop along with trying out a few releases. Those Maximas W/ Blazers are WICKEDLY FAAAAAAAAAST compared to the Terminators I was shooting, They were the fastest arrow I have ever shot, it was incredible. They cronographed at 273fps I dunno if thats good or not. I am shooting a Bowtech Tribute at 65# and my draw length is approximatly 27 inches and the arrows were cut to 28.5 to be flush to the riser in case I ever changed my rest. The arrows and 100g fieldpoint weighed 373g. I also ended up buying a Tru-fire Judge release, I would have really liked a black one but the guy gave me 10% off because I bought my bow there about 8 months ago. I cant wait to get my form better and get to be a better shooter all together, the deer wont be safe.

    On another note For the people who say that the Tru-fire Judge release is not a good release for people with smaller hands and wrist GO TRY FOR YOURSELF. I have small hands thick fingers and smaller wrists and I love the way the Judge feels in my hand and by NO MEANS do I feel its to bulky. My ONLY complaint is the trigger tension adjustment dial is very rough on my fingers because it has sharp feeling ridges on it but other than that I felt like I shot well today.
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    I would say very good speed. Your arrows weigh 48gr above the minimum and your dl is 3 inches shorter than ibo ratings. Add 10fps for each inch of DL and you are at 303 subtract the extra arrow weight and you would gain about 15fps which would put you at about 318 and thats not counting the weight you have on your string.:peace:

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    Love tha sig pic Louie. Tha varmit ain't just monkeyin 'round. HS
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    Yeah, I used to use Terminators until about a year ago. Heavy and slow, but very affordable. If I blew one up at a 3D shoot I didn't feel like I threw $10 out the window.
    I switched to Easton Axis and holy cow ! It was like I was shooting a different bow. I had to move the nocking point a little bit and completely re-adjust the sight. I'm liking those a lot. I've used them for about a year now and I only blew one of them up...