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    ...and did my first 3d shoot yesterday! (I actually found out about it on the schedule here.)
    The good news;I'm hooked.The bad news;this hobby might cost me a bit in lost arrows:)
    A couple of friendly club members offered to walk the course with me after I mentioned it was my first shoot,and that I had not shot over 30 yards yet.One brought along a range finder since I wasn't actually competing.As luck would have it,my first 6 shots were 8's and these guys were impressed.Then I started losing my mojo and getting the occasional nervous twitch which cost one lost arrow at 50 yards and one at 40 yards(each flew maybe an inch or two above their targets).After I did two out of the four loops(20 targets out of 40) I thought I would call it good with just three arrows left,and head over to the practice range to get sighted in better at 40 and 50.I know,I should have done the practice range first but didn't want to give up the opportunity to do the course with such knowledgable and helpful folks.It's also worth a chuckle that I showed up with only five arrows as I started this on a strict budget.So,back at the practice range I lost another at 50 yards,again just missing the burlap target(a backdrop of some kind would have been nice as the arrows penetrate the grass,brush,moss and topsoil with little resistance)So,now down to two arrows I go for broke and shoot at 50 again and hit the metal post supporting the target(again,maybe wood instead of metal posts would be nice)Needless to say that one shattered,but I kept the squashed tip as a memento ;-)But I'm not done yet hehe.With one arrow left,I go for broke and figure the two close misses were enough reference to adjust the sight a third time for 50, as I was hitting 40 pretty well (with an incredibly tight one arrow grouping ;-))

    Well it worked, and I got some more exercise jogging back and forth with my one arrow a few more times at 50 yards.Who knew this sport would have such cardiovascular benefits ?

    So,since I had made a sale on ebay the other day for about the same amount as a dozen Cabella's Carbon Hunters,I took a short detour to the Post Falls store and picked them up on my way home.Now I'm ready and raring to go for the next shoot!:peace::D:peace:
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    Ha I had similar issues. Out the new sight on my bow and the first arrow went a quarter way through a 2x4 no gettin that one back. Where I shoot we have hay bails as backstops. I lost a arrow that went clean through. Luckily I bought a dozen to start with. The cabelas carbon fibers are the same I shoot with. They have them on sale for Father's Day. I gotta get more. Something to look into

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    Glad you gave it a try and had fun. Its an addicting sport. The first shoot I went to 25yrs ago I started with 6 aluminum arrows that were straight, went home with one bent one. Still loose or break at least 2 or 3 a season out of 24 shoots we go to a year........:doh:.....