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    Ok so lets hear some storys here, what was every ones first BIG GAME bow kill, rabbits tree rats wood chucks, cats dogs are not big game... lol heres mine, was a whity doe, was 14 years old, was my first time in a tree stand also, shot her with a pse pulsar, and used a rocky mountain head, I saw the arrow nail home perfict, ill tell ya i was clibling out of the tree so fast i dont know how i didnt fall, and ran to where she was when i shot her, their was blood everywhare, i was so excited i just couldnt wait, even though i knew better, but i found here pry 40 or so yards away on the edge of the corn feild. ill tell ya i was pretty proud!!! I got her to the truck by myself well before dark, and the hardest part was waiting for my dad and our freind to return from their i could show them my deer, was only a doe but to me it was pretty special.... lets here some others here guys!!! oppps and ladys!!
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    First Bow Kill

    This was my first Kansas buck and first bowkill. I started bowhunting in 2004 strictly for the purpose of hunting during the rut and taking a true trophy whitetail. I wasn't interested in anything else. In three years of hunting I passed on more bucks than I have fingers and toes to count. A couple of real nice 3 1/2 year olds this year (the result of not shooting), but I was only interested in a 4 or 5 year old.

    I hunted hard. I drove 3 hours round trip to hunt this place. It was $25 a trip in gas and everyone told me I was crazy ...........................but I'd seen him after dark in early October.

    Walking out of a ground blind setup at dark one night in early Ocober I bumped him, lightly. He trotted about 15 yards up onto a terrace and stopped. He stood boadside at about 40 yards and looked toward me. I will never forget the picture in my minds eye of that big old whitetail standing on a rise with the sun setting a blaze of orange across the horizon behind him.........I could see his mass and all the character points....this was a shooter.......after shooting light. I stood as he slowly walked away..............and right toward one of my treestands no more than 80 yards away. I knew that night (as I walked out an hour later) that I hadn't pushed him hard, and it now would be a matter of being in that stand at the right time.

    The right time was 7:15 a.m. on the Friday after Thanksgiving. He came in quiet and I didn't hear him until he was right below me (slightly behind me and to my right) He passed my tree and took a left onto the trail in front of me. I was on autopilot from the moment I saw him. Stuck him at 6 yards. He took 2 steps and fell. He never got up.

    This was my first bowkill. But I'd like to add that I have had 3 very successful seasons bowhunting and 2006 was a great year long before I shot this buck.........let 'em grow.

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    My first bowkill was back in 1981 . I shot a small 3pt. buck in Michigan ,but it was a trophy to me back then . I had only been hunting for a year , and was using a Jennings Sidekick 55lb. compound , Easton 2117's , and Bear Razorheads .
    It was the start of my obssession with bowhunting . I now hunt exclusivly with a bow through gun season as well as the bowseason .
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    I have killed small critters but nothing to put up on the walls yet.
    I am now stationed in Kansas so hopefully I will get a deer season in where I am not deployed to bag me a fine KS Buck one day.
    This year will be spent in Iraq once again but I look forward to the 2008 deer season.....I saw alot of fine KS bucks since I have been here.
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    My first bowkill was a button buck during early October many years ago. I walked into the timber and kicked up a few deer. I decided to just sit on a downed tree and this button came back after I had spooked him. He came in to about 25 yards and was looking at me the entire time. I grunted at him and he'd walk a little closer. I think he was somebody's pet. He was not spooked at all. After he watched me draw back I put the arrow from my Fred Bear Whitetail through his heart. He went down 30 yards later. A great trophy for my first whitetail with a bow.