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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by B Courtney, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I am new to bow hunting and I am very close to making my first bow purchase. I have narrowed my options down to three bows: Hoyt Katera XL, Mathews Drenalin LD, and BowTech Commander. Why these three you ask? I have been measured at a 31.5” draw length, so a longer axle to axle bow seems to be the ones that give the longer draw length I need. I have been told that with a loop and a release I might lose a ½” from the draw length? I am trying not to play the brand name game and base my decision on sound data. This is what I came up with and it leads towards the Hoyt Katera XL. Let me know if my logic is flawed and I should consider other facts. I have read where they say shoot everything and go with what feels best. However, being new to bow shooting I don’t know what feels right or not. That is why I am soliciting some opinions from experienced shooters. The (+) sign signifies what I believe to be best in class for this group. THANKS!!!!!

    Make /Model Hoyt Katera Mathews Drenalin LD BowTech Commander
    IBO Speed 320fps (+) 315fps 318fps
    A-A Length 36” (+) 37” 37.5”
    Brace Height 7.5” 7” 8” (+)
    Let-off 65-75% 65-80%(+) 65-80% (+)
    Draw Length 25.5-31.5” (+) 26-31” 26.5-31.5”
    Draw Weight 40-80# (+) 40-70# 40-70#
    Mass Weight 4.6# 4.15# (+) 4.9#
    Limb Type Split Solid Split
    Cam Type Hybrid Solo Binary
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    I think that they are good bows. You should always double check your draw lenght before you purchase your new bow. Both the Mathews and hoyt are draw lenght specific. Good luck

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    First of all :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

    All three are excellant choices. As far as what feels better....Well after you've shot them a few times you'll get the feel for them. Pick the one that fits most comfortable in your hand and feels the smoothest to you when you draw, and which feels best to you after when you've shot. Much like when you buy a car. When you get down to the ones you want, then you pick the one that you feel the most comfortable in, like the feel of driving etc.

    Fill out the profile part on you and let us know a little about you, Ask questions and most of all keep shooting and the joys of archery.:amen:
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    All three are great bows...
    Like Skeeter said...find the one that feels best in your hand...if you're not comfortable it will effect your shooting...