First field score, blech!

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Chris, May 19, 2007.

  1. Chris

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    Well, it wasn't totally horrible. I shot the first 14 with my back tension and the second 14 with the Just Cuz.
    First 14, 257
    Second 14, 268

    After shooting the second half, I went back to shooting the back tension to try to figure out what I was doing wrong and I did.
    I proceeded to pound a group with 10 arrow at 40 yards that I thought was very good. Any tighter and nocks would be breaking.

    I found out that if I didn't pay attention to the angle of the back tension release in my hand then I would get flyers that would go left. By rotating my hand a bit more and keeping the back of my hand against my face, the flyers "almost" totally disappeared. I still would occasionally cheat the release and would get a left shot, but that is normal. It reminds you, don't cheat it.

    It will be interesting to shoot another round with the back tension.
  2. Ronhop

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    Hummmm..... I still have not had the 'nuts' to shoot my Solution 3 in 'backtension' mode.

    Oh, Chris, the Carter large knurned trigger does in fact worh with the Solution 3. We had that conversation a while ago and I never did get back to you on that. I bought one and tried it and it works great.



    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    I was having the same problem one night shooting indoors.....all of a sudden my shots were high, low, left, right.......then I relized I wasnt keeping the back of my hand against my in turn I wasnt repeating my anchor....went back to holding against my face.....started hitting X's again....
  4. Str8 Shooter

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    Shot My first field

    I Shot my first field shoot today and I had a blast Shot 263 first half and a 265 second half. They are awesome if you have the chance to shoot won do it. A friend talked me into tagging along and now I can't wait to shoot another one. Plus this was only the second time out with my A7 The first time being Sat at a 3d.

    Thanks Chris for the A7 it is for sure a shooter.