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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by brandon45, May 12, 2008.

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    hey guys I'm about to go on my first hunt in a couple weeks for hogs in Florida. Right now I have a mathews fx2 with a cobra 3 pin sight, stabilizer, limbsavers, trophy taker pronghorn fall away rest, and a cyclone tru ball release. The bow is 60# 27 inch draw and I'm getting 6 cx maxima hunter 250s with g5 striker broadheads and 2 inch blazers this weekend along with a question is what else do I need and anything I need please recommend models. What camo, quiver, etc what should I be practicing etc
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    I don't like shooting with a quiver on the bow usually however I asume you'll be doing spot and stalk and I probably would bite the bullet and use one for this hunt. I'd get a removeable type so you can take the thing off when you're doing other tyoes of hunting, treestand etc. There are several brands, Kwikee etc., don't know that any of them are that much better than any of the others. I don't care for a belt quiver when I know I'm going to be walking through brush etc. Oh, if you go that route practice with the quiver on the bow. Go stick one! :rockon:

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    If you are doing spot and stalk, practice getting into a kneeling postion from a low crawl, coming to full draw and shooting from your knees. Also, practice with a face cover on if you plan on wearing one (and gloves too).

    I would invest in a Thermacell with refill packs!!! The skeeters can kill during a spring/summer hunt. Any of the camo out there will work for you as long as you keep your outline broke up. Pigs do not have too good of eyesight, but they have a nose that will put a dog to shame.
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    I do a lot of hog hunting. mostly over a feeder but some spot and stalk.
    When spot and stalk I always carry a good side arm.
    I carry a single action 45 long colt but any side arm is better then none.
    Trust me when the time comes, and you always hope it will not.
    You will want to be able to put that pig down before he can inflict damage to you or someone else.
    I've only had to pull my side arm one time while hog hunting and man was I glad it was there.

    Good luck on your hunt hope you get a big'en.