First Robinhood

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by joekidd, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Well, I did it last night. While shooting groups at the range, I heard *bang* and a couple of guys joking about my arrows being too long. I wasn't sure what they meant until we went to pull our arrows. It was kind of cool at first with the pats on the back and all, then I realized that it just cost me about $20 or so!:eek:
    After that, I went right back to shooting 5 spots! Robinhoods are cool, but costly.:D
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    I did that a couple of weeks ago. There was a bang and then i went to check it out and sure enough the arrow went in about 5 inches striaght down the middle spliting the nock so one side was sticking out on one side and the other on the other side. I showed it to my mom and she wanted me to pull it out because it cost lots of money. But i saved it and its now in my room.;)


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Would love to go to five spot but in the leagues that i shoot, once you start w/single spot you have to stay w/single spot. So i will continue to shoot single spot and break stuff, i am averageing about two rh's a week:( , gets expensive, glad the owner of the pro shop I use likes me and gives me a deal on most of my equipment.
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    :D :p :angel: That is some funny stuff!!!!

    Way to go JoeKidd
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    Good Job JoeKidd

    I just got my first robinhood couple of weeks ago too. I am only shooting 5 spots also until I lose control and want to make some noise.:laugh: Bowman I feel sorry for you but WOW 2 rhs a week. That could get real expensive.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    REAL EXPENSIVE. Monday night I shot 298-48x and no robin hoods things are starting to look up. I did however have the something pretty cool though. I started putting a magnet behind my target just kidding...It was about the 7 or 8 end and I thought I had a robin hood. made lotsof noise but when we got down to the target, the nock was just broke off. But it was broke off flush w/the end of the arrow, thought that was kinda cool.
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    Robin hood

    Congrat's anyway. ! My coach keeps telling me to practice at different spots but for league to shoot the one cirlce to build points if I miss on the 5 spot. Well just this week after a year of shooting and training I too shot my first robinhood! the last arrow of the round. It felt good, but like you I will now go back to the 5 spot target and work on raising my average score. So far I am hangin in the 260 to 270 range with 6-10 X's per league night. We have three more weeks and I would like to see a 285.