First time at a 3-D range

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Fury, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Fury

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    Well i went to a range that is buried in the hills here in Scott County, Indiana.

    Cabin Fever is the name if any of you guys are ever in town.

    It was a blast!!!!
    Absolutely addictive!!!!

    Had 19 targets on about a 2 or 3 acre trail.
    Shot uphill, downhill, across clearings, fields, and streams.
    Distances of 10yds to 60 or more.
    Bear,Fox,Turkey, and Dear Targets.

    I feel good only lost two arrows.

    Went twice yesterday, and I can't wait to go again
  2. MoBowman

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    Another one hooked.........:rockon: Doesn't take much to get hooked. The benefits really show up this fall.:biggrin1:

    MoBowman ```----------->

  3. Big Dawg

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    Welcome to the club and the many thousands of dollars you will spend in the next few years and love every minute of it.

    Big Dawg
  4. Fury

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    Done spent thousands restoring bows chasing that perfect every time shot without sights.
    An I'm not gonna give up.

    There is something to be said for the ancient Martial Artist.

    I myself since the age of 4
    ( Thanks to my father 31 yrs in the service of furthering the knowlege of martial arts - 10 yrs published articles )

    I have studied every form of martial arts, & weapon- including every bow I can get my hands on without sights.

    I believe to be a modern martial artist you must use every science .

    Use, respect, & understand your heritage, but move on when your skill has attained a marksmans level.
  5. BowhuntnHoosier

    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    3D is such a blast but it does get a little expensive when you start losing arrows. And when you start taking your kids its twice as expensive. But it is so much fun watching your kids or nephew or neice or neihbors kid crack a deer at 25yards right in the kill zone. I would rather walk around with my boys than shoot myself.:noidea: Kinda strange huh. I used to shoot alot of instinctive shooting but found that I do not have enough time to put into it to stay competetive. I looked up High Performance Archery and it's about 81 miles form me. What all do they sell in their bow lines? Do they have a range there? I sometimes take little road trips to other archery shops. :peace:
  6. Fury

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    HPA & Cabin Fever

    At HPA the guys name is Cliff Rice he has a line of PSE Bows mainly.
    He does not try to sell you the most expensive anything.
    An when you ask about something he gives ya the answer without beating around the bush.
    He is open Monday-Wensday-Friday 5pm-8, & Saturday 11am-2pm
    He has a place to shoot out back but I don't think it's for the store.

    At CabinFever the guys name is Squire Chandler
    He does it all.
    Guns, Bow,Fishing, Poker, Candles, you name it.
    He carries Jennings, Browning, & PSE .
    19 taget 3d course, 6$, multiple shots at each target.
    and a warm up target as well.
    Its not crowded, every couple of weekends he hosts a shoot.
    He has one today as a matter of fact that he invited me to.
    10$ entry fee, & i forget how many time you go through
    the course, but i think its 3.
    Trophies & everything are awarded.
    The other day when I was in there he even taught a guy like me how to set his sights, & took him through the course. No extra charge.

    He's open Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, & Sunday 10am-5pm.

    Cabin Fever's addy is 1346 Bloomington Trail Road
    Phone 812-752-7105

    HPA's addy is 4954 N Jack Morgan Road
    Phone 812-794-4949

    Hope this helps
    Hope to go shooting with ya some time.
  7. BowhuntnHoosier

    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    Thanks alot Fury. I will try to make it over and check them out someday.:rockon: