First Year Bowhunting. Second year hunting.

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by VE6WTF, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Got a question. This year will be my first year bowhunting. And my second year hunting overall.
    I got permission to hunt on land owned by the esso gas plant that is about 2km from my house. its a good stretch and there is even some feilds (a few small ones dotting the area) and a stream that runs through it.

    I have noticed a large heard of mule deer that go in and out of the field VERY regularily. I dont have the money for a tree stand. but the grass is quite tall on the treeline around the fields.

    First question: Second year hunting ever... Should I even attempt it with a bow? I mean yes, I have gone out shot rabbits, gophers, and pigeons coyotes badgers, crows, magpies and a cat once with a bow since I was a child But I have never taken REALLY BIG GAME with one.

    Second: Is mule deer something that I could probly sneak up on, or ambush and kill?

    Third: Do I sound a little crazy at attempting this? I mean I think I am up to it. And boy I would love to try. And even if I dont succeed. THERES ALWAYS GUNS! But I would really like to get my deer with a bow this year.

    after reading this it looks like I have some stupid questions... but want some suggestions anyway.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    listen, get to know your equipment.....get so that you can hit a SOFTBALL (little bigger than a base ball) every time at your comfortable ranges w/hunting arrows, and go for it, you will never know until you try.......

    You can always decide that its not for you later......and dont get down on your self if things dont go first....

  3. CSS Shooter

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    No this doesn't sound stupid. The only stupid question is one that is not asked. As Bowman said get efficient with you equipment and use the wind to your advantage. I have harvested many animals from the ground. Don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done. There have been alot of pope and young animals taking from the ground. The only thing is that you can't get away with as much movement being at eye level. Best of luck to you. And good hunting.
  4. Gator eye

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    Get that bad boy bow outfitted with some broad heads, tune her up and give it a try.

    It'll get your heart pumping just trying it.
  5. lungcutter

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    I think a unsuccessful stalk is still better that shooting a deer at 150yds with a gun.

    Just give it a try, I'm sure that you will like it .

    Pay close attention to the wind and does.
  6. Ronhop

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    You should go for it. You will probably surprise yourself.

  7. QSA

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    Let me just share this. Last year was my first year deer hunting in 25 years, first with a bow. Now I am a very technical person and only the best knowledge and stuff will do. Read, learn your pray, it's habits. So I went to a swampy area with my sisters son. He said there should be some deer just ahead in the clearing. We got to the edge of the woods and there was a doe about 80 yards away. I looked at him and he was not moving so I did. You have to see me dressed for walking and stalking. Any way I creeped forward watching her, she raised her head I knelled down, she looked around and started eating again. So I started moving forward, she stopped, look. this went on for a little while. When I wanted just a little closer before the shot. I had to go down in to a little dip. I came back up and she had walked off. I did not scare her off, she did not run. I ready did not want to shot her because I wanted my first bow kill to be a big buck. But I told you all this to prove you do not need all the Fancy stuff to get close enough to get the shot.

    By the way if I had a 6 foot sword that day I could have just cut her head off. How is that for close. from 80 yards to 6 foot. Just get some good camo and go
  8. poorshot

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    Try it

    You won't know until you try.
  9. Dredly

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    Do it! You'll love it even if you don't shoot anything.

    your chances of stalking are slim to none but if you know where they walk you should be able to post up close to that on the ground. It should be obvious... looks for the grass thats all trashed and find a nice spot near there.

    As for a blind... see any fallen trees. there is your blind. :)
  10. Scablands

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    First, yes definitely do it with your bow.
    Second, yes I do it all the time.
    Third, trying is the best way to learn and once you do it you won't want to go get a gun.
    Some tips are, always stay downwind and wait until the wind is right for the best cover on your route to the deer. A breezy day is best to help cover your movement and noise. Use two pair of socks and lose the shoes or get some of the slipover felt booties. If you can't get in range, [run out of cover or what ever] sit still in the closest cover, [any movements very slow] and wait, some times they will feed into range or better yet be along a trail on the way to a primary feed source. If you are already close sometimes you can make last minute adjustments. Mule deer are famous for not taking the same trail twice in a row though. Scout thoroughly before you go in to get a general idea of their movements. By doing you will learn what works and what doesn't but that is the fun part, although it can be frustrating also :doh: If you get busted don't go back to the same area for 2 or 3 days to let them settle down. You WILL find this addicting. :biggrin1:
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    Well, that is alot of very good advice. Last year all I did was walk around with a 30-06 looking for a white-tail. Must have walked across the whole province. been out ALL day. And it was 20 minutes till sundown and he stepped out onto the trail that I was walking on. I split the heart in two, didnt hit anything else. 75 yards low light. from a standing position. (well at the time) lol.

    These deer are quite close to a highway. 400-700 yards and some fields even more. I have snuck up on them before. (I had a .22 with me). The heard is VERY large. Some good sized antlers in there too!. Just thinking about standing up with my bow with one of those big animals in the sights is making my breathing harder. lol

    Its gonna be a GREAT season. And if I dont get one. Heck there is always the grouse that feed on the grain in the area.

    Kinda nervous about hunting by myself. But have no choice this year. It will be interesting to balance it out with school Grade 11 This year!
    well Come to think of it this way... I can tell my stories and flex my muscles for the ladies in my physics class!

    73 For now,

  12. J.C.

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    There's a lot of successful spot and stalk bowhunting being done for mulies out west. Get yourself some talcum or baby powder in a squirt bottle so you can check the wind often. Observe them from long range with binoculars to see where they're bedding for the day and try to work a stalk from downwind. If you have to take off your shoes or crawl on your belly to get a shot, that's all part of the fun. If all else fails, just build yourself a brush blind. They don't cost anything other than sweat.
  13. gmherps

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    not stupid questions Kyle, the answer is YES!!!! Get out there and do it!