Fixed broadheads and speed.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Soilarch, May 20, 2007.

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    Great Tune!

    If your shooting darts youve got your set-up & broadheads tuned properly,great job.
    I on the other hand got tired of makeing sure my 3-blade thunderheads were turned with my fletching all the same way to get perfect flight out of all 6
    I got tired of practiceing with fixed heads and dulling the blades,even one at the cost they are.
    If you can take a fixed blade broad head & shoot it & shoot a field point in the same hole of equal weight tip,without adjusting your sight,Youve got the best set-up around.
    Mine ive never been able to do that,i had to move my sight to the broadheads i was tuning.
    On the rockets 100gr I can bust the nock 1 out of 3 on my field pt without moveing my sight, thats why i use them,:biggrin1:
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    Slick Tricks shoot as well at speeds over 270 fps , but I shoot them somewhere in the 265 fps range .