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    I have always used expandables. I just got a new blind with the shoot through windows I am thinking of switching to a fixed blade so I can shoot through the screens any suggetions on a fixed blade that flies like my expandables or field point?? Thanks Steven
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    I have used muzzy 100 grains for about 4 years and if on the off chance I do have to adjust my sights they are very minimal, but I usually don't have to touch them for the distances that I sight in for. I have also heard good things about the sonics when they went through a promotion a while back and gave a bunch of samples away. Guys, both here and at AT, got some and said when they shot them that they flew exactly like the field points. I received one also, but I never shot it. To me, when assembled, it didn't seem substantial, there was a sizable gap at the tip where the points came together, and I wasn't pleased with the cutting radius of the 100 grain model. I say this and at the same time tell you to check them out because I am only one opinion and have heard more good things than bad about them. I have also used Thunderheads and they were alright, but as I said before I believe you will be pleased with the Muzzy's.

    Sonic Broadhead website (don't think it came in as a link so you will have to add it manually)

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    I use muzzy 100 to i shoot the 4 blade and they fly just like my field tips
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    I shoot either Slick tricks 85 gr or the Muzzy 90 Gr thru my DB and they work great. Both fly like field tips with Blazer vanes.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    another vote for Muzzy 4 blade 100.......its the straightest way to fly.....