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    I have been fletching my own arrows now for about 2 years and I have been just using the 1 degree offset, but i have been told i should use helical because it will make my broadheads fly better and more closely match my field tips, what i want to know is should i use the right or the left helical and why? any help with this will be appreciated. also, i used 2" blazers and a wisker biscuit rest.
  2. I just started fletching mine and am curious also.

    I was told by the bow shop the run mine right hand helical. I own a jo jan multifletcher and with it I believe the helical is at an 11 degee angle. I have just went from quick spins to 2 inch blazers and my muzzy 4 blade were hitting 6 inches low and to the right with the quick spins after 20 yards. Now with the helical blazers they are on the money again. I do know that that degree of helical requires the glue to set up a while on the jig. Good luck. I just finished fletching them an shot some about a half an hour ago. Hard to believe the fletchings can make that much difference.

  3. Right or left

    Right or left helical really doesn't matter unless you are shooting quick spin vanes. You do need 4 to 6 degrees of helical to make your broadheads fly the best. 1 degree will work if your form is perfect.
    If you use feathers you need to fletch the same direction as the feather is. ie right wing requires right helical and left wing requires left helical.
    Hold the feather upside down and see which way the point is pointing. Right wing will point to the right and left wing will point to the left.
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    If your shooting a whisker stick with straight or offset, you don't want 11 degree helical vanes smashing through a whisker every time you shoot. I shoot offset and my wb has made it through 2 seasons. An offset or straight 2" blazer setup will stabilize just about any broadhead on the market, unless your shooting something ungodly like a 150 thunderhead, or a flint broadhead:doh:
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    With what's already been said I do concur that if shooting a whisker bisquit you're probably better off with a straight offset, but a little more than 1 degree would be better.

    Although I most often shoot feathers and buy whichever hand I get the best deal on, I prefer right hand simply because it spins the arrow into the point so field points don't come loose as easily. Otherwise it makes little difference which way you spin the arrows.

    And assuming you are using a decent amount of offset or helical, this in and of itself does not guarantee that broadheads will shoot the same as field points. Proper tuning is what makes them fly the same. The fletching only helps assure better accuracy. Not where the arrow hits.
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    thnx for all your help :biggrin1: