Fletching for youth arrows

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    I have been out of archery for about 20 years since I was 18.
    I used to have arrows with fletching that was like plastic feathers. Don't know how you describe it but the fletching would bend almost like a real feather. I got my kids a youth set and some I think 26"-28" arrows w/ it. They had these plastic fletching on them. When they shoot, the arrow kicks off to one side for the first 20 feet or so (about the distance to the target). They were at cub scout camp and used inexpensive wood arrows w/ the flexable feather fletching on them and they did not do this.

    Here is a link to the archery set I got them.

    Where can I get youth arrows w/ the fletching I want? Or should I rip the fletching off and put on my own? (I saw what I wanted at the local BassPro store).
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    ha there

    first off :welcome: to the forum you came to the right place.
    With this bow i would suggest..find a pro-shop that makes arrows..measure the arrows that came with the set..get them to make you up a 1/2 doz or a doz..light weight arrows for this bow with feathers on them.
    the problem is with these kids kit bows is there shooting off the shelf..and the plastic vanes are kicking up off the shelf..make sure that the main vane ( which should be different color than the other 2 vanes) is pointing out will help..but to solve the problem with these kit bows...get some feathers...just for them to kick around with until ..if they seem to be intrested in the sport ..get them into a real set-up..
    hope this helps:wave: