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    How do I get a offset on my arrows and still get full contact? It seems when I get it set to the offset that comes from factory arrows my front right side of my fletching is not touching. I am using a grayling ( I know its a cheapo) but from what I've seen from other pictures the design looks basically the same. The only way I get good contact is to fletch them straight. I have tried feathers and vanes with the same results on Gold Tip carbons.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    sorry but get your self a Bitzenburger and all the problems will go away.....are you using a helical clamp?....I have foound that if i use a helical clamp I can get more offset w/less pain (non contact)......

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    Even with a Blitz, if your wanting to get more that 3-5 degree offset you should be useing a helical clamp. I have found that my blitz (and they are older models) have trouble with keeping the front of the vane in contact with the shaft if I go over 4 degrees. I also don't think that with todays bows you really need that much of a helical. I know, the more helical the faster the arrow stabilizes, but in the same sense, to much arrow spin results in less penatration.