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    I am new to this forum. So much information and so little time so I will ask.
    I just bought a used bow with wheels. I haven't shot a bow in 50 years. Bows didn't have wheels back then.
    It come with a dozen arrows but the fletching is in bad shape.
    Are feathers still used or has plastic taken over?
    I inted to practise and hunt. No target competition.
    How do I get the old plastic vanes off the aluminum arrows?
    I will be using a whisker biscuit.
    I used 4 feathers way back when. Has that gone by the wayside?
    Any advice welcome. I know I have a 50 years of catching up to do so will have lot of future questions.
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    First off :welcome: to the forum. To get the old fletching off soak in lacquer thinner and scrap with a blade since they are aluminum. If you get carbon be careful not to cut into carbon fibers. And yes for hunting plastic vanes have pretty much taken over. Although some guys still use feathers they just to not hold up as well in rain. The WB is an excellent rest for hunting. Most guys I know use 3 plastic vanes, I have switched to Bohning Blazer vanes and they are fantastic. You will want a stiff vane like these to hold up to the WB rest. Anything we can help ya with just post away. Good luck and have fun.:peace:

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    Welcome to the forum...and welcome back to archery...:biggrin1:

    Like Hoosier said plastic vanes are the standard now...but you can still get feathers...with a Wiskerbiscuit use plastic, the feathers don't like it...Blazer vanes seem to work best w/ a Biscuit...3 or 4 vanes is up to you...with the biscuit you don't want a vane straight down(in the black bristles) so just turn your nock accordingly...

    Any questions at all...just ask away we're here to help...:biggrin1: