Food at the R-100

Discussion in 'Rinehart R100 Tournaments' started by shaft, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. shaft

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    Having never been to a R-100 shoot and dont really know what to expect. Are there food vendors or are we on are own. Just curious. Thanks
  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    We are gonna be fryin a turkey and grillin so just bring a few goodies and join us. We are camping at BassnBucks.

  3. Ronhop

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    If you're talking about the Wabash Shoot we will have a 3D-Shoots banner at teh Bassand Bucks shoot site and camping there. I was told by Glenn at B&B that there will be food vatered in but a bunch of us 3D shoots folks are bringing food. We have a 14 pound turkey and turkey frying stuff that we plan to utilize on Saturday night. I think it might be hard to organized group 'feeds' other than Saturday night since we'll all be shooting at different times, most likely, and Saturday night group 'feed' seemed to be a good target for everyone. For the other meals I plan on trying the local fare as well as bringing a small camp stove and some things like hot dogs and some cold cuts and fruit. Somebody also said they were bringing a Weber grill and some local sweet corn.... Yum...

    By teh end of this week I will be calling Glenn at B&B with an estimate of teh number of vehicles and tents we will have. He is going to arrange for our group to be in the same area. I plan on being there the Wed before the shoot to set up the banner and get some range practice in.... I've not shot much in literally months. I NEED to do some shooting....

    Having said that, a 14 pound turkey is not going to feed all of us so we have been tossing around ideas about heading into town and buying some chicken wings or drumsticks and some side salads and other things we could use the fryer for while it's fired up.

    There are a couple of stickeys in the R-100 forum about the Wabash shoot. Post up your intentions and I'll tally you and yours in our count for camping at B&B.

    Hope that helped but by the end of the week we should have a some good posts about who is bringing what and how we might do this.

    The Walmart is about 6-7 miles away and there is a gas station about 5 miles from teh B&B site so we have options....