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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by STRO, Feb 23, 2007.

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    My friends and I are debating to put in a second food plot. We planted turnips two years ago and did't have much luck with them. Last year we put in and acre of clover and had amazing results. We didn't have 20 deer on it every night but you could darn neer count on 4-5 every night. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else other then clover we could try out for our food plot. We are leaning towards a perennial but we are open to annuals. What would work great for a kill plot? This food plot is in northern Illinois and there are no concerns with soil. I can't wait to see if the turkeys come to the clover field this spring come turkey season.

    Thanks ahead of time for your opinions.
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    I plated Tecomate Alfa-Feast Trophy Mix in northern Michigan last summer and had wonderful results. I took a nice 8-point and a doe off the plot. It came in very thick and flush. The deer went out of there way to visit the site. It is suppose to be a 5-6 year perennial but I can't vouch for it past the first year yet. Make sure to test the soil and make sure you are in the right pH range for what ever plot you choose.

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    alfalfa works good but as piethon said just make sure your ph is right.:peace:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    you have clover, try some oats.....:laugh:

    how about alphalfa? I dont know much about food plots except that if you can hunt in an apple orchard your good as gold......
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    we used buck oat forage 1 year here and had mixed results with it. For late season try a little winter wheat.