For Sale: Browning Tornado Like New plus many Extras

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    Here is everything you could possibly need to shoot deer, 3D, targets, etc.
    I bought all this stuff new 2 years ago. I began Medical school and have no time to use it.

    Listed are all the goodies and the price I paid next to them:

    Browning Tornado 60-70# 27-31" draw ($280), Winners Choice bowstring ($100), Bohning detachable quiver ($40), BowGuard hard padded lockable case ($35), Quicktune 1000 arrow rest ($25), doinker stabilizer ($37), Scott Archery ($65) + youth strap ($15), Tru-Fire release ($22), 5 Easton XX78 2413 arrows ($35), Trophy Ridge Flatliner 5-pin sight ($49), NAP Thunderhead 100gr broadheads ($22) + extra razor blades ($15), wrist strap ($7), Bow tools $(12), field quiver ($8), broadhead box, nocks, fletching, glue, inserts, etc ($20)

    As you can see I paid nearly $800 for all this stuff---

    Make a deal with me for much less! good luck

    here is one picture, email me for more pix:

    [email protected]