For Sale: Split Limb Limbsavers New

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  1. I have a couple new never opened boxes of LimbSavers for Universal fit on any split limb bow. These LimbSavers are black. They reduce shock, vibration and noise and have a redesigned bracket so they fit all split limb bows including Hoyt. This Universal Split LimbSaver with durable, high-tech, elastomeric coating, is a dramatic improvement over the original LimbSaver. This vibration dampener for split limb bows is designed with a lower profile incorporating a vibration dampening bar and weighing less than the original LimbSaver. They are easy to install and are made from LimbSavers proprietary NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material). New in Box. $12 for this pair of Limbsavers new in the box. Thanks Scott
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