Found some new hunting property.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Southernfryedyankee, May 12, 2007.

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    It was so awesome I was invited to a bbq at a landscaping business who does work for my friends apt. complex and I saw some trophys in the shop and the owner and I talked about them. I made the comment this place would be awesome to hunt on, The owner turned around and said "COME ON DOWN ANYTIME" I was like OMG r u serious he said yes sir, we have deer turkey feral hogs and coyotes (which I can hunt year round :)) I had NEVER met this man b4 and he was so awesome, my jaw dropped he gave me his card and said just let him know the day b4 and then said come kill ALLLLLLLL the coyotes I want. I cant wait till my next bad day ima go 20yd bowhuntin.
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    That's awsome...Have fun killin' them yotes...:biggrin1:

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    Good deal, need any help let me know.
    If you know this area, let me know?
    I played golf near myrtle beach between wilmington nc
    This guy that ran the club house at tigers-eye told me i would be welcome on 400ac. that is under construction beside the 4-course's they have now.
    He gave me his card! full of deer,seen a monster 10-pt in velvet in sept.
    while we were playing i say that thing walk out 40yds & walk across the hole we were playin, i about died.
    I started talkin to him about bow huntin & he sayed any time i wanted to come down call.
    But with the restriction of using a construction road on the side of the courses aroud back, and absolutly bow only! no fire arms.
    Aint it great to shoot a bow!:biggrin1: