Fred Bear Instinct vs. Martin Bengal

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Onyx Z, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Onyx Z

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    I'm sorta new to bowhunting, I've always had a bow, but it was more just for fun. Now it's time for a new bow to replace my 20 year old (and REALLY loud) PSE since I want to get into the actual hunting part. I'm kinda stuck between two bows: the Fred Bear Instinct and the Martin Bengal. I'm wanting to spend around $400 on the bow alone. I've checked out both websites, and as far as I can tell, these two bows are fairly comparable in terms of specs. the Bear is 31" vs. the 32" on the Martin. I want a 28-31" draw length adjustment with 60-70# draw weight.

    I've heard nothing but good things about the Fred Bear Instinct, I've shot it, it feels good, it looks good, it's quiet, etc. Not one review said they regret buying it. I really like this particular bow, mainly the draw length adjustment modules. My only gripe is the absence of a threaded hole for the STS on the rear of the riser. Does anyone know if the Instinct has a one-piece riser?

    I haven't seen all that many reviews on the Bengal, but most were good. I've never actually seen one since the closest dealer is on the other side of town. Although, I don't care for the 3-piece riser. Anyone have any experience with this bow?

    I will probably end up getting the Bear since it has a shorter ATA length and it's just a great bow for the price from what I've read. I will be shooting with a release, so nock pinch is not a factor. Any experience with customer service from either company? I'm sure I will have more questions as the day wears on.
  2. J.C.

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    The Instinct is a one piece riser. The Bengal doesn't have a rear stabilizer hole, either. My personal opinion is the Bear is the better bow.

  3. upinwisconsin

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    Just bought an Instinct and I love it.
  4. Pinwheel1969

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    You cant compare nuts to bolts. Martin is on top as far as quality and durability w/ there bows. Even though bear makes a real nice bow. I'd have to diss agree on that bear is better. If your looking in the $399.00 range for bows. Look at the new PSE Rogue Nrg single cam. Super sweet shooter.. Good luck!!!
  5. Ronhop

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    You should shoot both and decide based on which one feels better to you.

  6. Lukeduke

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    I own a Martin Bengal. It is set up for 65 lbs. W dloop, whisker biscuit, optic sight, and stabalizer. I just recently got into bow hunting. This thing has me hitting bullseyes non stop. Comfortable handle and very quiet. Has one of the higher fps too. I am 6 ft tall and 180 lbs. My advice would be to shoot both as there are always little nuances that make some models great for some and not for others. I got mine for 350 before accessories and tax from 2 bears archery in Springfield il.
  7. mtbowhunter

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    Bear limb rarely ever fail! The new Bear Strike retails for 399bow or 499package. Probably the Best bow at this price point! Faster and better shooting than the Instinct, and Far outpreforms the Bingle.
  8. Carpshooter

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    Here's what I think !

    They are both very good bows !:peace:
  9. kleve

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    BEAR all the way on that one
  10. elkslayer4x5

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    Martin has great customer service. Maybe best in the biz, Bengal was best value bow several years in a row, now called Ridge Hunter, this year they have new powertough limbs and high quailty strings and cable sets. Very hard to beat! :)
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  11. Bowhunter4545

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    Id get the Bengal. Better CS! :cool: