Free fall away rest "silencer."

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by tresmon, Aug 19, 2007.

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    So I raised the rest on my bow and let it go, it made a substancial CLICK when it hit the moleskin covered arrow shelf. Hmm, thinks me, would be nice to have a scrap piece of NAVCOM.

    So I looked around my tiny shoebox of archery stuff. Nothing. So I had to go the the local arrow club anyway, so I rifled around in the memebrs only tackle box. I came out wiht 2" of rubber tube for peep sights.

    AH-HAH! I took it home and cut it to the width of my arrow rest.
    Then I put one drop of super glue in one end. I flattened the end with pliers and held it for about 2 minutes. That end was beautifully sealed off.

    I repeated the process with the nuther end. Presto! I now have a tiny rubber ,air inflated "baloon." I put a thin stripe of superglue across the tube and glued it were the rest hits the shelf hardest. It still made noise, but wow, whatt a difference, especailly for the price.

    Try it!
  2. Chris

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    Check out the new sims products for their drop away. They have a new pad that the arm lands on. It's super quiet.

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    I have/use some self adhesive foam rubber that works great!!:cool:

  4. tresmon

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    Thanks Chris.

    I'll check it out.