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    Hey all, I'm a new member to this forum. I started bowhunting in '90 but haven't been hunting for about 8 years due to college, career, and loss of hunting areas. This is my first year back into the sport. Anyway, my g/fs brother is eager to start deer hunting (late in the season, I know), but I was thinking of finding him a used bow off ebay. Do you think it's a good idea? I shoot an old Oneida Aeroforce I've had since '94, so I'm not really up on the new single cam-super short bows out now. He's a pretty good sized dude and is fairly fit so I see no problem in him pulling a 70 + lb. bow. Do you have any brand suggestions for a used compound (apx $200, I ain't got alot of bank, y'know)? Also, I've forgotten how to measure someone for draw length. Don't you hold your arms out parallel to the ground and put your hands together and measure from chest to finger tips? Can anyone refresh my memory? Thanks!
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    Checkout this page for a good explanation:
    What Draw Length for Your Setup?

    This is the best online bow comparison I've seen:

    To answer your eBay question... From experience, I used to shoot target recurves as a kid and I guess due to work etc. never made time for archery as an adult. I recently wanted to start target shooting again since my I found an archery range close to home, with compounds this time. Not wanting to break the bank at first I chose eBay to see what was out there. I already knew my draw length though. This is so important especially if you are buying an older bow as modules to the change the draw length may no longer be available.

    I found a starter target setup and it was my first eBay purchase. It was a 20 year old bow setup but in great shape. Make sure to carefully view the auction pictures, ask lots of questions before bidding and make sure that you don't pay too much for a used bow.

    It's really best to know your draw length. If not then choose a bow with a highly adjustable one on the same cam.

    There are lots of bows on eBay. Just make sure you know what it costs or would have cost new. Most vintage compounds are going for about $100 average final auction prices. I think good deals may also be seasonal for different types of bows as some shooters may upgrade regularly after the season is over. I'd stay away from new bows online as they may be technically new, but last year's model. I've heard that some manufacturers don't warranty new bows if they've been purchased online. This is because they really want you to buy from a local dealer so you are properly fitted for your equipment, so make sure you check on this. Hoyt used to and still may have this type of online policy, which is restrictive, but is really in the interest of the customer.

    Just make sure you know what you are buying. I was happy with my purchase. I found the vintage bow, then upgraded to a three year old bow, both found on eBay. I was able to buy and reburbish the newer bow at half the price of the same model purchased new. I'd also called the manufacturer to find out what kind of parts support I'd have for the bow I was interested in. Sometimes you can buy parts direct if you want to do your own bow work, that's what I do. Watch out for the small pro shops too if you buy locally, just make sure you don't overpay. The advantage to buying from a local shop is that they will usually setup your bow for free and will be a good learning resource.

    Good luck. Feel free to ask me any questions or PM me. I've learned a lot about hot equipment and where to buy over the last few months as I got back up to speed in our very cool sport of archery.

    Good Shooting !

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    I think you would be better off taking him to a pro shop, and seeing if they have an affordable used setup. That way they can size him, and he can shoot a couple of different bows to see what suits him best. I know alot of pro shops take trade-ins, so it shouldn't be all that hard to find something good.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Good luck